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sign, lord, and planet in it Also observe carefully the sign and house where ]) is, her separation and application. And you may then venture safely to give judgment as to what part of the body of the sick person is grieved, and of the nature and quality of the sickness.

The Cause and Nature of the Sickness.

The significators in fiery signs, and fiery signs on the ascendant and 6th, shew feverish and hot complaints, hectic fevers, erysipelas, &c.

Earthy signs argue long and tedious diseases, agues, intermittent fevers, and such complaints as proceed from melancholy, consumption, &c.

Airy signs shew corrupt blood, gout, cutaneous diseases, scrofula, &c.

Watery signs shew diseases that proceed from cold and moisture, coughs and disordered stomach, &c.

Diseases signified by the Houses.

1st. All diseases in the head, eyes, face, ears, nose, mouth, foul breath, &c. 2d. The throat, scrofula, quinsey, glandular swellings in the neck, sore throat, &c. 3d. The shoulders, arms, and hands. 4th. The stomach, breast, and lungs.

5th. Back, hind parts of the shoulders, liver, heart, sides, and stomach.

6th. Lower part of the abdomen, the intestines, liver, and reins.

7th. The hams, the flank, the small intestines, bladder, matrix and members of generation. 8th. The spine, rectum, and groin. 9th. The hips and thighs.

10th. The knees and upper part of the leg behind the knees.

11th. The leg from the knee to the ancle, the shin-bone, shank, &c.

12th. The feet, ancles and toes, with all hurts or disease incident to them.*

Whether the Disease will be long or short.

Have regard to the time of year, and consider that diseases commencing in the winter are usually longer, and those in summer shorter.

Diseases which proceed from ?? are more permanent, and * are generally regulated much by the motion of the 0. Those of a hot and dry nature, which are influenced by and ©, are short, and regulated by the motion of }). f? causes long chronic complaints, falls, bruises, blows, &c.; If. and O shorter; $ short, violent, and quick, such as cuts, bleedings, &c. ? a mean between both, and such as proceed from intemperance; $ various and changeable, such as fits, &c.; } such as return at periods, as the falling sickness or epilepsy, giddiness, swimming in the head, gout, periodical illness in females, &c.f

Signs of a short Disease.

When the cusp of the 6 th, the ]), and the lords of the 1st and 6th, be in moveable signs, or the lord of the ascendant swift in motion, or going out of his own house into another, so that it be not the sign of the 6th or 12th, or if a fortune be in the 6th, you may judge that the disease will soon terminate.

* For the diseases signified by the sign», see Chapter XV; and for those of the planets, see the nature, &c. of each, at page 35.

t $ causes all uncommon and extraordinary complaints; or gives remarkable features to the sickness.

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