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that I doubted not of procuring money when he entered s, his exaltation, and £ became direct; which he did twelve days after, when a Mend lent me £500.

The qualities of the houses are shown by yf, the sign on the 4th, and by T?, lord thereof, who having no material debilities (except being retrograde and cadent), and being also in A to ©, the houses were really old, but strong and able to stand many years. When ? and © came to cf in Q (25th April), I bargained; and on the } to tf ? (May 17th), I paid in £530, and my conveyance was sealed. As ? wanted 6 degrees of being cS with ©, so was it six weeks and some days from the time of the question until I perfected what the figure promised.

As to the moles and scars on my body, it exactly agrees; for as $ is in T, which represents the face, so have I a mole on my cheek, about the middle of it; and as ascends, I have one on the reins of my back. The ]) in tip, afflicted by I have a red mole below the navel. %, lord of the 6th in n, a masculine sign, I have a mole near my right hand, visible on the outside; so have I one on the left foot, as x> the sign on the 6th signifies.

I had a hard bargain, as the figure every way considered manifests; and shall never live to see many of the leases yet in being expire. And as ? is in T, the sign opposite her own house, so did I do myself injury by the bargain; I mean in matter of money; but the love I bore to the house I now live in, wherein I lived happily with a good master full seven years, and therein obtained my first wife, and was bountifully blessed with the goods of this world, made me neglect a small hinderance; nor now, I thank God, do I repent it, finding God's blessing in a plentiful measure upon my labours.

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