The 4th house will shew the end of the matter as regards the taking the property.

If there be a fortune ascending, or 0 be in the ascendant, or the lord of the ascendant be there, or be in or A to the degree on the cusp and not afflicted, the querent will take the house or farm, &c., and find it a good bargain.

If an infortune ascend, the querent will not take the property ; or if he have already taken it, he has no mind to it, and will quickly put it off to another party.

If you find the lord of the 7th in the 7th, or casting a good aspect to its cusp, or there be benefics therein, the man will keep his word in the bargain, but he will profit by it more than the querent.

If an infortune be in the 7th and not lord of the 7th, have great care of the covenants or agreements between you; for the landlord will be too hard for you, as he minds nothing but his own ends in the matter.

Consider the 10th house; and if a fortune be there or behold its cusp by good aspect, the parties, notwithstanding some rubs, will proceed in their bargain, and the land, &c. will be let to the querent.

If you find an infortune in or in evil aspect to the 10th, the bargain will be broken off. If it be land, they differ about the timber, &c., or upon the erecting of some new buildings; and if the thing be a house, &c., they differ about the repairs.

As to the end of the matter, see to the 4th house. If fortunes be there, or the lord of the 4th behold the cusp favourably, it will end well, and both parties will be pleased; but if an infortune be there, or the lord of the house aspect it by □ or the whole matter will end ill, and will please neither party.

Query.—Shall the Querent enjoy the Estate of his Father ?

If in this question you find the lords of the 2d and 5 th in reception and in each other's houses, there is no doubt that the querent shall haye a competent fortune out of his father's estate. But if the lord of the father's property be retrograde or afflicted, then some part of the estate intended for the querent will be wasted or otherwise disposed of. If you would know why or how, see what planet impedites the lord of the 5th, and what house he is lord of. If it be the lord of the 6th, it may be one of the father's brothers, or sisters, or neighbours shall prevail on the father to alter his intentions towards the querent. If it be the lord of the 7th, it may be some female, or his wife, or some person with whom the querent has quarrelled, that will cause his father to alter his mind. If it be the lord of the 12th, it is some one of the mother's kindred, or it may be (especially if %), some minister or clergyman. Now, if, upon describing the party, the querent is well informed of who it is, and is desirous to gain the person'8 good will, and so to diminish their malice, let him do as follows: on the approach of any A, or tf between the planet signifying that party and the lord of the ascendant, let the day be observed in the Ephemeris when the ]) separates from one and applies to the other, (by good aspect if possible), and on that day endeavour a reconcilement: and it is not to be doubted that he may obtain his desire, as I have found many times by good experience.*

If the lord of the 5th dispose of the 0, and be in the ascendant or 2d, the querent shall gain his desires. 3/ or

* This method of electing times for application to individuals for any favour, or to gain any point, may be safely practised after any other horary question, as weU as this particular one.—Zad.

$ in the 5th, casting a or A to any planet in the 2d, argues the same.

If J separate from the lord of the 5th, and go immediately to ¿fc or A of the lord of the 2d or of the ascendant, it shews assured hopes of acquiring the property of the father.

If you find an infortune ill dignified in the 4th, die father has no inclination to part with his money ; nor will it be well to move him much thereto, until that unfortunate planet be transited out of the sign. But if you cannot stay so long, observe when that planet is direct, swift in motion, oriental, in -X- or A with 1/ or ? or the lord of the ascendant, and then let the father be moved in the business. The observing those influences will not compel the father's mind, but will cause more benevolent intentions.

If the lords of the 2d and 5th apply to any good aspect by rétrogradation, the querent will receive some property from his father suddenly, before he thinks of it. If there be any good aspect, reception, &c., between the lord of die 4th and any other planet, stronger than there is between the lord of the 4th and the lord of the ascendant, the father regards the party signified by that other planet better than the querent : if it be the lord of the 3d, or any planet in the 3d, then it is one of the querent's brothers, &c.

Of removing from one House or Place to another.

Observe the ascendant, the 4th and 7th houses, and their lords, planets therein, &c.

If the lord of the 4th be in the 7th, and he a good planet, and the lords of the 1st and 7th be good also and strong, it is then better to remain where you are. But if the lord of the 7th be with a good planet, and the lord of the 4th with an evil one, it is then not well to remain. If the ]) or lord of the ascendant separate from ill aspects of the infortunes, and

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