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the house. Haying found the bearing, or point of the compass, observe the nature of the sign, viz. airy signs, above ground; fiery, near a wall, or partition; earthy, on the floor; watery, near a moist place in the room, &c.

Bearing by Compass of the Signs.

Of Buying and Selling Lands, Houses, Farms, <$"<?.

The ascendant, its lord, and the ]), are for the buyer, and the 7th, its lord, and planets therein, for the seller. The 4th, its lord, and planets therein, signify the land, or house, &c. And the 10th house, its lord, and planets therein, signify the price ; that is, whether it will be sold cheap or dear.

If you find the lords of the 1st and 7th in good aspect^ and the lord of the 7th apply by good aspect (or if by evil aspect with reception) to the lord of the ascendant, you may judge the seller has good will to the buyer; and if they are at all dignified, the purchase will be effected; but if the aspect be evil, there will be much bargaining and dispute before all be settled.

If the lord of the ascendant, or ]), apply to the lord of the 4th, or this planet apply to them, or if they be in each other's places, viz. the lord of the 1st, or }), in the 4th, or the lord of the 4th in the ascendant, and there be any reception, the purchase will be effected.

But if there be no dwelling in houses as above, yet the ]) transfer the light of the lord of the 4th to the lord of the ascendant, the bargain will be concluded, though by brokers or agents, rather than by the principals.

If none of the above rules hold, there will be no bargain made.

Of the Quality of the Land or Houses, fyc.

If yon find the infortunes in the 4th, especially if they be peregrine, or the lord of the 4th retrograde or afflicted, it will never continue long with the buyer's posterity, or benefit him.

But if 1/, or be in the 4th, or the lord of the 4th be strong and well aspected, the purchaser may expect good success with the property ; and if a fixed sign be in the 4th, it will continue in the family of the purchaser.

If an infortune possess the ascendant, the tenants or occupiers are evil and deceitful, and will give trouble. If a fortune be there, or &, judge the reverse. In the former case, if the evil planet be retrograde, the tenants will decamp without paying their rent, or will throw up their leases.

If in the 10th house there be a fortune, and it direct, the timber will be profitable, or the house will let well. If it be retrograde, there are many trees, but they not profitable. If there be an infortune direct, there are few trees, or the house will not let well; and if he be retrograde, the timber will be stolen, or the rent will be either stolen after payment, or no payment be well and truly made. If there be no planet in the 10th, consider the lord of the house, and, as he may be strong or weak, judge the result of the profits, whether by timber, &c., or by letting the house, &c. But the angle of the 7th must be considered in like manner, to judge the quality of the grass, corn, or herbage, &c. As regards the description of the ground, look to the 4th house; and if you find a fiery sign on its cusp, the ground is in general hilly, dry, and hard; the more so, if the lord of the 4th be in a fiery sign, viz. r, SI, f. If there be an earthy sign on the cusp, the ground is plain, level, and good pasture land, or for tillage. If there be an airy sign thereon, the ground is of a mixed nature, part hilly and part plain, partly good and partly bad. If the sign be watery, then there is plenty of water, a brook, or rivulet, &c., thereon. And if an infortune be in the 4th, and retrograde or peregrine, the land will partake greatly of the nature of that infortune; as if n\_ be the sign, and Tj in it, the land is marshy or boggy, and full of rushes; if he be afflicted, so much worse is the land. And if the land lie near the sea, you may fear an overflow, or that the banks are damaged, &c. If Vi be in the 4th in a fiery sign, the land is barren, and wajits water; if he be afflicted, it is utterly stony and worthless. If ^ be there in an airy sign, the land is defective; and if he be afflicted, especially in n, the management of it has been bad and unthrifty. If he be there in an earthy sign, the land is tolerably good, but heavy, clay land; and if he be afflicted, the farmers are dull, and too poor to manage it well.

In like way judge of the standing of a house or building: if it be a watery sign, there will be much damp ; and if fy be there in irt, it is overrun with rats.

Of the Cheapness or Dearness of the Land or Houses, fyc.

This is known by the lord of the 10th; for if he be angular and strong, the price will be high, and the seller will stand upon his terms; but if he be weak, cadent, afflicted, &c., the price will not rise high.

If it be good for the Querent to take or lease the House, Farm, or Land,

The 10th house, &c., will herein shew the profit or advantage to be made by the undertaking, having regard also to the usual significators of property, viz. the lord of the 2d,' and &c.


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