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If the querent shall obtain the Substance he hath lent, or which he demands ?

The lord of the ascendant and ]) are the querent's signiii-cators, the lord of the 2d denotes his substance.*

The 7th and its lord denote the person of whom he means to ask the money, and the 8th and its lord, &c., his property. Observe whether the lord of the ascendant or ]) be joined with the significator of the quesited's property, or be in good aspect with such significator. If this be so, and that significator be a fortune or very strong, he shall assuredly receive the money. If he be an infortune, and there be reception between him and the querent's significator, the querent will also receive his money, &c.; but if the quesited's significator be an evil planet, and there be no reception, he will hardly ever gain his desire, or with so much delay and difficulty, he would rather wish the thing undone.

In like manner if the lord of the 8th be in the 2d with reception, it is a sign he shall gain his money, &c. But if the lord of the 7th or 8th be in the 1st or 2d without reception with the querent's significators or lord of the 2d, he shall not have his desire, but may rather expect prejudice in the thing demanded.

If the lord of the 1st and }) be joined to a fortune that has dignity in the sign ascending or intercepted in the ascendant, the matter will be effected; or if joined to an infortune having such dignity, with reception, the business will be dispatched. Or, if the significators be joined to a fortune in the 10th or 11th, though without reception, the matter shall be perfected.

* When any planets are found in a house signifying anything, they may be taken as well as the lord of the house.

httb0dt7cti0n to astrology.

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