if % or ? cast a good aspect to 0, or if the lord of the 2d or )) be in the ascendant, or lord of the 1st in the 2d, or benefics do ascend or be found unafflicted in the 2d, or Q be there, all these are testimonies that the querent need fear no poverty. As the significators may be strong, and the testimonies numerous, the querent shall be in proportion rich. Always remember to judge according to his condition in life ; for, quoad capax, it shall happen to the interrogator.

By what Means attain it P

If the lord of the 2d be in the ascendant, he may gain a fortune unexpectedly, (especially if well aspected by and this planet be strong), or gain it without much labour. If the lord of the 2d or the Moon promise substance by any mutual aspect, observe from what house the aspect is, or what house ]) rules; if neither of these promise substance, see what house 0 and its dispositor be in.

If the planet assisting be in the ascendant, the querent will gain by his own industry, and, if he be a mechanic, by his own labour, care, or invention. But if the assisting planet be not lord of the 2d, he will gain by well managing his own aflkirs, estate, &c.; or by such things as are of the nature of that planet, the sign he is in being also considered.

If the lord of the 2d be in the 2d, he shall profit by his own industry. If the lord of the 3d benefit the lord of the 2d, 0, or other significators of wealth, he will be assisted by his neighbours, brethren, or kindred; or by removing to that quarter from whence the lord of the 3d throws the aspect.

The lord of the 4th gives wealth by means of his father, or some aged person; or by taking lands, or purchasing houses, &c.; or by veil managing money lent him by his kindred or neighbours; or property left him by his ancestors.

The lord of the 5th promises gain by cards or other gambling; or stock-jobbing; or by holding office as an ambassador or messenger. If a man of low quality ask, by keeping an inn, &c., or being porter to some institution, or connected with theatres, &c., and such things as the 5th house denotes. It may be by well managing his father's estate, or receiving something thereout.

The lord of the 6th gives gain by servants, dealing in small cattle, &c., or by turning surgeon, &c., if capable.

The lord of the 7th gives gain by means of a wife, by the sword or warfare, by contracting bargains in his way of business, or by gaining some lawsuit, &c.

The lord of the 8th or planet therein denotes legacies, or a wife's portion, which may be unexpected at the time, (especially if BjL assist), or he may suddenly go and settle in some country wherein he shall thrive and grow rich.

The lord of the 9th, &c., gives property by the wife's relations, or some neighbour of her's when he did marry; or some clergyman or lawyer shall befriend him; or if s or X be in the 9th, he may thrive by a distant sea voyage. But if an earthy sign be there, he may gain by removing to the part signified by that sign, and by dealing in the commodities belonging to that country, &c.

The lord of the 10th, &c. promises gain by the service of the king or some great man, holding office, &c. If the querent be young and of small fortune, let him learn some trade or business that may be shewn by the sign and planet in the 10th.

The 11th and its lord denote unexpected benefit by friends, or the employment of some king, nobleman or other great person.

If the fortunate aspect be cast from the 12th or by its lord, the querent will advance his fortune by great cattle or horse-races; or if the sign be human, that is, II or rs, by means of prisons, &c., such as being governor or turnkey of a jail, a sheriff's officer, &c. If the sign be T, d> or Vf» by cattle; if ttp, by corn. Herein mix your judgment with reason.

The most assured testimonies of riches are if the lords of the 1st, 2d, and % be joined in the 2d, 1st, 10th, 7th, 4th, or Uth houses; or if not in <5, if they apply by or A and be in mutual reception. If they apply by □ or g, yet have reception, the querent will gain wealth, though with much labour and pains.

Signs of Poverty, and its Cause.

If you find that the querent will not be rich, and he desire to know why, that he may the better order his affairs and be wary of such difficulties as may threaten, then carefully observe as follows. The planet afflicting most the lords of the 2d and 1st, the ]), or their dispositors, or the cusp of the 2d or planet therein, shews the cause. If the lord of the 1st, then the querent himself is the cause, and the house in which he is found may shew how. The lord of the 2d shews want of money or sufficient capital to set up with. The lord of the 3d shews that his kindred or neighbours will oppose him much, or undersell him, &c. And in this way you may go through the twelve houses, judging the reverse of what you were instructed when the aspects, &c. were good.

Caution.—If the lord of the 2d or the depositor of 0 be infortunes, yet be strong and well aspected, they may denote gain as well as % or ?, though with less satisfaction and more painstaking. Also % or ? being afflicted, may obstruct as well as any other; for every planet must do the work for which he is by Providence assigned. Again, wherever 8 may be found, he denotes evil by that house, as if in the 6th, by evil servants, sickness, &c. i 2

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