introduction to astrology.

that part which is not visible. The ]) in 27th degree of X, a feminine sign, under the earth, I told her she had one mole under and towards the extremity of her left foot.

The quesited being her son, had X for his ascendant, which denoted a mole on the left side of his cheek; and as X signifies the foot, so he had one on the left foot a little below the ancle, as few degrees ascend. The 6th from the 5th is the 10th in the figure, which having 4° shewed that near his right side, below his breast, he had some scar, mole, or mark.

In this way follow the directions of the rule.

4th Query.—Whether one absent be dead or alive ?

In the aforesaid figure, the ascendant If. therein and ? its ruler, as also D, are the significators of the party absent. The ascending sign and % therein describe his person ;* and 3) and ? shew his condition.

The ]) and ? are free from any evil aspect of the lord of the 8th, and a benefic is in the ascendant, and ? in the 9th; I should therefore pronounce the absent in health. But ? having been recently in g to lord of the 2d and 6th, he had been lately in trouble about money, and also inclined to a feverish state. But by % in the ascendant, and in A to ?, I should say that medicine, or such a person as is described by If., had relieved him. And as £ lord of the 11th applies to a □ of If, (both of them in signs of long ascension, which is equivalent to a A,)+ I should judge the querent to have news of the absent about ten weeks from the time of the

* If no planet be in the ascendant of the party, look to the lord of the ascendant for a description of his person, according to the sign it is in, and judge by that and the sign ascending; but if the lord of the ascendant be much afflicted, the ]), according to the sign she is in, must be taken.

f This doctrine of the signs of long ascension, causing a -ft to be equal to a □, and a □ to a A, and the reverse in signs of short ascension, can only be received in horary and mundane astrology; and not in nativities.

question, because $ wants ten degrees of the □ of If.. If the absent be known to be at a short distance from, the que-sited, I should have judged that in ten days they should hear of him, because the signs are moveable.*

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