lute or william lilly.

Sir Elks Ashmole, assisting at the laying him in his grave, which was " on the left side of the communion table."

A black marble stone was afterwards placed thereon by his friend, with the following inscription :—

Ne Oblivione Conteretur Urna GULIELMI LILLII Astrologi Peritissimi Qui Fatis Cessit Quiuto Idus Junii Anno Christo Juliano MDCLXXXI Hoc HI! posuit amoris Monumentum ELIAS ASHMOLE Abmigeb.

" An Epistle to the Student in Astrology.

" My Friend, whoever thou art, that with so much ease shalt receive the benefit of my hard studies, and doest intend to proceed in this heavenly knowledge of the starres; In the first place, consider and admire thy Creator, be thankfull unto him, and be humble, and let no naturall knowledge, how profound or transcendant soever it be, elate thy mind to neglect that Divine Providence, by whose al-seeing order and appointment all things heavenly and earthly have their constant motion: the more thy knowledge is enlarged, the more doe thou magnify the power and wisdome of Almighty God : strive to preserve thyself in his favour 5 for the more holy thou art, and more neer to God, the purer judgment thou shalt give.

"Beware of pride and self-conceit: remember how that long agoe no irrationall creature durst offend man the Macro-cosme, but did faithfully serve and obey him ; so long as he

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