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The Natural Thyroid Diet

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Thyroid Diet

The Thyroid diet and lifestyle program has undergone through trials, testing and results have proven that all the techniques applied in the program are safe to use and work efficiently to give 100% real results within the shortest time possible. This program uses natural remedies which are chemical free and are readily available, so there is no excuse for you not to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits and lessons you will learn from this program some of them being on what food to eat and what not to eat, signs and symptoms of thyroid disease, the importance of thyroid gland in your body and also how the thyroid gland works. The creator of this program who goes by the name of Sally Baker has put in place a certificate of guarantee on total money refund. The guarantee assures any member who joins the program and is not satisfied with the program that he or she can comfortably get all the money back by just emailing Sally Baker. The money refund guarantee means that the program has zero risk which assures you that the program is there for you to benefit more from it.

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Deficiency Symptoms

Most deficiencies of iodine are related to the thyroid gland. A sluggish thyroid is called hypothyroidism. With this condition the extremities are cold, and a person feels dragged out, dull, listless and fatigued for no reason. Other symptoms are dull pains beneath both shoulder blades, enlarged glands around the lower neck area and sides of the neck, dull headaches, little interest in living, slow thinking, In its more severe form hypothyroidism is called cretinism. A baby will become mentally and physically retarded within its first year of life if cretinism is not discovered and promptly corrected. The disease takes two forms either the mother was originally deficient in iodine, a deficiency transported to the placenta, or the infant's own thyroid is sluggish. Hospitals in Canada now routinely take blood samples from newborn infants to see if their thyroids are hypofunctioning if they are, measures are taken to insure that they will begin to function normally. Unfortunately, very...

Recent Clinical Developments

It is very important for a pregnant woman to get sufficient iodine in her diet. As I've indicated, sufficient iodine will help the unborn infant start with a healthy thyroid. In addition, the iodine will help the mother's own thyroid to control her weight both during and after the pregnancy. If deficient in iodine after the birth, the mother may not be able to lose weight and may suffer severe depression postpartum blues) because her thyroid is hypofunctioning. Any woman who suffers these symptoms after birth With a deficiency of iodine the thyroid may hemorrhage quickly and literally float in a sea of blood. Scar tissue then forms and the gland begins to behave erratically, throwing the body's metabolism out of balance. Foods such as peanuts, untoasted soy flour and members of the cabbage family can stop absorption of iodine. Anyone who eats many of the above foods needs an adequate increase of iodine in order not to rob the thyroid of its share of iodine. In addition, when vitamin E...

The Natal Chart Figure

Next, because of all her throat and thyroid problems, 1 examined the planets in Taurus and Scorpio, feeling those signs were probably involved. Bonnie's chart shows three planets in Taurus in the Sixth House, the house of health. Probably contributing most heavily to her thyroid problems is Uranus in Taurus retrograde, a configuration that indicates a spasm in the thyroid gland that causes the thyroid to go from normal to either hyper or hypo stress may ause it to malfunction colon stasis can also con-xibute to the problem. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunci n in Taurus also indicates that the thyroid will lypofunction, especially with Saturn also retrograde, n addition, Bonnie has Mars in Scorpio on the Vscendant in opposition to Uranus, a configuration ontributing to her throat and thyroid problems as All four of Bonnie's outer planets are retrograde, an unusual number for one chart. And each of those retrograde planets had played major parts in Bonnie's ailments. As I've indicated, Saturn...

History and Characteristies

Other antagonists to vitamin E are estrogens found in birth control pills, long known as destroyers of vitamin E, synthetically derived cholin and thyroxine, a compound usually made from crushed sheep's thyroid and administered to people with impaired thyroids or who react to high amounts of chlorine in the water. In addition, cod liver oil, oxidants, rancid fats and oils and a-tocopherol quinone all destroy vitamin E. It is also destroyed by chlorine found in water.

History and Characteristics

Deoxycorticosterone depresses the action of vitamin C, consequently affecting the growth of the skeletal tissue. D-glucoascorbic acid, aspirin, bar-bituates, adrenaline, stilbestrol, estrogen, sulfonamides, ammonium chloride, antihistamines, thiouracil, thyroid medication and indomethacin either destroy vitamin C or inhibit uptake. Vitamin C also has an adverse chemical reaction to iron and copper, hemochromogens (compounds of hemeiron, part of hemoglobin with nitrogen-containing substances such as protein) and quinones (a product of quinic acid). Stress situations (including surgery), fatigue, smoking, consumption of alcohol, a diet high in nitrite-laden foods and diabetes will use up large amounts of the vitamin. And copper pots, pans, bowls or knives will destroy vitamin C.

Hard Aspect Of Venus Venus Mars

There is the potential for a lack of vitamin E (Venus) when Venus is in hard aspect with Mars, The deficiency may be aggravated by the ingestion of too much chlorinated water, since Mars rules chlorine and overdoses of that mineral can destroy vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E also needs fatty acids (Mars) for assimilation, and there may be a lack of these fatty acids, especially if there is a hard aspect from Saturn as well thus the normal functions of the glands, particularly the thyroid and the adrenals, could be interrupted, and the kidney (Venus) could malfunction. With Mars governing the adrenal glands, insufficient vitamin E and fatty acids could cause low secretion of hormones, affecting the sexual drive.

Chapter Eleven The Endocrine System

The endocrine system, one of the many systems of the body, consists of the following glands the thyroid, the parathyroid, the pituitary, the adrenals, the thymus, portions of the glands with ducts (the islands of Langerhans in the pancreas) and parts of the ovaries and testes.

Serum Creatinine Test

This test determines the amount of cholesterol in the body. Elevated cholesterol levels, of course, contribute to coronary diseases. Other ailments, such as gallbladder obstruction and untreated diabetes mellitus, can also hike the amount of cholesterol in the blood. In addition, liver disease, kidney malfunction and thyroid and pancreatic dysfunction can raise the cholesterol levels. On the other hand, low cholesterol levels can be reflected in bad dietary habits, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, blood poisoning and anemia.

The Healthy Bull

The Bull rules the neck and throat and so the entire metabolic system. The thyroid gland in particular can be a problem for Bulls They may not properly convert what they eat into energy and so can be prone to gain weight. Their love of inaction feeds this tendency as well. But the throat is also where singing comes from, and many Bulls are well-known singers Barbra Streisand, Bing Crosby, and Ella Fitzgerald, to name just a few. Iodine is necessary for the development and functioning of the thyroid gland, which is ruled by Taurus. Other vitamins and minerals that are important to Taurus are


There is an old adage among medic, astrologers Scorpio implicates diseases of the bac and heart (Leo), thyroid (Taurus) and ey (Aquarius) the other signs in the Fixed Cross. Th upshot is that cataracts or glaucoma, back aiiment or heart conditions may actually be caused by , malfunctioning colon. Tumors in the colon, chronic ailments of the prostate, reproductive system or colon, a severe heart condition, a weak thyroid or back disorders may all result from Pluto in Scorpio. With Saturn in Scorpio there may be a variety of illnesses colon stasis poor peristalsis resulting in constipation caking of fecal matter on the walls of the large intestine toxemia, potentially affecting the thyroid, heart, throat and back stones in the bladder suppression of urine small or undeveloped ovaries or testicles problems in the birthing process and a small womb or tipped uterus. Uranus in Scorpio may cause spasm of the colon, especially when there is emotional stress or the sudden onset of tension,...

Mercury Saturn

Other ailments may result from a probable lack of thiamine. For example, poor bone growth in infants can be attributed to a deficiency of thiamine. Skin disorders, such as herpes and its various manifestations (simplex, zoster and zoster ophthalmicus), may also occur. The teeth are affected by the amount of thiamine in the body, too, and not enough thiamine can aggravate the pain and discomfort before and after dental surgery. Finally, insufficient thiamine may inhibit the functions of sulfur (Saturn), Especially if the sign Taurus is involved, the thyroid gland may be interfering with the sulfur uptake, since thyroxine is necessary for the mineral to be used successfully. With a deficiency of sulfur the insulin functions of the pancreas may be malfunctioning. A hard aspect between Mercury and Saturn may also cause a lack of calcium (Saturn). If one of the planets is in Taurus and especially if Saturn is retrograde in Taurus, the thyroid may be hypofunc-iioning, producing a deficiency...


1 A woman with this configuration in her chart may be inclined to morose or depressive states as menstrual periods approach the thyroid gland should be tested as a root cause of these manifestations. A person with this midpoint structure in a chart may be nervous because of continual, intense, emotional states. If the individual is under emotional stress for a continued period, the thyroid gland may begin to malfunction and should be tested as the root cause of the nervous condition.


This configuration in a chart can bring on depression because of a thyroid condition. Suicidal tendencies can occur if the depression continues. Speech impediments are also possible. Chronic nerve disorders or the onset of nerve-related strain without warning are possible. In addi- tion, there may be a spastic thyroid condition that is, the thyroid may go out under stress and after the stress has gone gradually go back to normal functioning. This midpoint structure can indicate a chronic, nerve-related ailment whose symptoms the doctor is unable to diagnose properly the parathyroid may be causing problems in the levels of calcium (Saturn) in the body, bringing on nervous ailments a weak thyroid may also be the cause. The mental outlook of such a patient is usually poor because he or she is overwhelmed in a hospital by the suffering and dying. A private room, sunshine and a quietly confident staff are probably needed. Recuperation at home, if possible, is best.


Located at the base of the neck and around the trachea, the thyroid consists of two lobes on either side of the windpipe, which give the gland an H-shaped appearance. Iodine ingested from food and taken from the intestinal tract eventually reaches the thyroid, where it is oxidized and combined with the amino acid tyrosine to produce the hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Under the influence of the pituitary's TSH release these hormones are slowly secreted into the circulation as needed. The thyroid is very important. It stimulates the oxidative reactions of most cells in the body and aids in the regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolisms.

The Pituitary

Stress caused by an acute infection or myocardial infarction can bring on hereditary diabetes. Other types of stress, such as severe emotional hardship or suffering, may also cause the disease. In addition, an overactive thyroid induces hyperglycemia because of the increase of certain active amino acids derived from tyrosine.

Diseases and Tests

The birth control pill can also adversely influence the endocrine system, bringing on damage to the pancreas, sudden hypoglycemia and hyperthyroidism. Weight gain is normal for a woman taking birth control pills, which appear to upset the balance of the thyroid gland. There are various tests to determine hyperthyroidism, but the most common one is the T-3, T-4, T-7 test, a simple blood test that can determine the levels of the two hormones in the thyroid. Hypothyroidism in an adult, if not caught and controlled in time, is called myxedema. In some cases, because of an inborn metabolic error, the body will produce antibodies to destroy the thyroid secretions, accounting for many heretofore unexplained cases of spontaneous myxedema. Hypothyroidism in infants manifests as cretinism, usually caused because a mother suffers a deficiency of iodine during pregnancy. (Other genetic factors may be involved.) If undetected, cretinism will permanently render an infant mentally disabled and...

Sun Uranus

Vitamin A because of stressful conditions. At one calcium. True to Neptune's nature to disguise things, w time, the person may be tested for a deficiency of the illness may seem to be a hypoparathyroid condi- nj vitamin A and not have one six months later, a defi- tion (tetany) when it is not. di ciency may exist. Such a situation can lead to In addition, there can be problems with the perplexity and frustration. There is also speculation assimilation of vitamin D and iodine. For instance, St that sudden, unexpected stress can drain the body of mineral oil (Neptune), if taken in immoderate ti vitamin D reserves. dosages, may be robbing the body of vitamin D. be In addition, when the body is placed under sud- There is also speculation that iodine poisoning is nc den, stressful situations, heavy iodine usage may be possible if Saturn is in hard aspect. Or the thyroid re required. There is conjecture that such lack of iodine may be the root cause of a condition that is seemingly may...

Moon Pluto

A severe deficiency of potassium might occur when the Moon is in hard aspect with Pluto. Without sufficient potassium the endocrine glands (Pluto) may be hypofunctioning. To determine the specific gland affected, you will need to look at the signs the planets are in if they are in Cancer or Capricorn, the pituitary gland may be affected in Taurus, the thyroid and in Scorpio, the ovaries and testicles. If the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, it's especially possible there will be troubles, including swelling, with the ovaries and testicles. If either planet is in Taurus or Scorpio, there is the additional potential for constipation or other ailments of the colon from lack of potassium. If one of the planets is in Scorpio, there may also be infections of the urethra or bladder, such as the inability to urinate. The tubes of the body (Gemini) may be affected, too, from a deficiency of potassium.

Mercury Pluto

First and foremost, a hard aspect between Mercury and Pluto may imply either a lack of or an overabundance of thiamine, situations probably caused by a person's diet. Especially if Mercury is conjunct Pluto, a severe deficiency may occur, with resultant thyroid ailments. Furthermore, since Pluto rules Scorpio, which governs the colon, the root of

Physicians Tests

It does no one any good to tell a doctor anything. He or she has spent at least eight years learning a specialty. To have a layperson tell a doctor what to do is akin to outright insult. It is best to let a doctor think it is his or her idea. A patient needs to be diplomatic, helpful and undefensive. If there is a specific problem involved, such as a thyroid disorder, a patient should bring a book on the subject along and ask the doctor what he or she thinks about performing a test to see if the thyroid is, indeed, malfunctioning. Or a patient might try a white lie, saying that a friend who is a registered nurse had suggested a talk with a doctor about a thyroid test. Most doctors will respond to such diplomatic maneuvers. The patient has left the decisions in the doctor's hands.

T3 T4 T7 Test

This is a standard thyroid test, a simple blood test to determine whether or not the thyroid gland is hyper, hypo or normal. Although this test is accurate, it may not give the full picture about an ailing thyroid. If a person registers high normal, the thyroid is slightly hyper if low normal, the thyroid is slightly hypo. In many instances a person who is very sensitive to bodily functions doesn't need to be out completely to have all the symptoms and backlash of a malfunctioning gland.


Bonnie represents a typical case that I may receive at any given time she had several ailments and a history of progressive deterioration of health. Besides the ailments listed above, she suffered from headaches, low blood pressure, low white blood cell count, nerve-related problems, constipation and thyroid complications. When I met her she was extremely pale, overweight and lethargic. I noted on the questionnaire she filled out for me that she was drinking five to six glasses of milk a week. She ate meat, fruit and vegetables. She was on drug medication for her thyroid (two grains), Premarin (an estrogen drug), iron pills and a multivitamin tablet.

Mercury Neptune

A deficiency of thiamine is a strong possibility with a hard aspect between Mercury and Neptune, although because of the deceptive nature of Neptune the problem may be misdiagnosed or overlooked. For instance, since Virgo rules much of the pancreatic function, a case of hidden diabetes may occur a five-hour glucose tolerance test will determine if diabetes does indeed exist instead, the ailment may be a carbohydrate problem that can be straightened out with adequate dosages of thiamine to provide better oxidation in the metabolic process. Moreover, the antivitamin vitamin enzyme thiaminase may be at work destroying thiamine through a diet of raw fish, oysters and mussels. Addiction to alcohol can produce an added need for the vitamin. Without adequate thiamine there may be a general weakness of the thyroid.


During the eighteenth century many people who lived in the midwestern states suffered from goiter, which was corrected by adding more foods containing iodine to their diets. Saltwater fish were also eaten to help the thyroid maintain its normal level of activity. And it is still a good idea to include saltwater fish in the diet, especially for those people who do not live near the ocean. Supplements such as algae, kelp tablets and Irish moss (an herb seaweed) are good for an ailing thyroid. Algae are good sources of zinc, a mineral found in high amounts in the thyroid, as well as vitamins A and D. Thus Vi teaspoon of algae powder a day will help the gland. Brewer's yeast is also beneficial for the thyroid gland. Yeast contains riboflavin, niacin and thiamine, all integral in the transport of oxygen within the cells. Iodine then works to help the hormone thyroxine step up the oxidation process.

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