Open Your Third Eye and Awaken Your Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland Activation Course

World renowned expert on the pineal gland, Shaktipat Seer has helped thousands around the planet activate their pineal gland safely. Through pineal gland activation you can have a thorough cleansing of your aura, bringing into full effect the latent kundalini powers of your body. Over the years he has perfected his ability to give direct transmission of Spiritual Energy to the Third Eye Chakra, setting alight the glowing powers of the Philosophers Stone of the Neo Cortex region. Discover A Simple System That Anyone Can Do, Regardless Of Age Or Ability And From The Comfort Of Their Own Home. Through Pineal Gland Activation You Can Have A Cleansing Of Your Aura, Bringing Into Full Effect The Latent Kundalini Powers Of The Body Leading To. Shaktipat Seer is not trying to give you some cooky pseudo-science that many snake oil salesman push that has no real transcendental benefit. Instead he is merely presenting the natural way that this process has been effected (through transmission of Shakti to the Third Eye) in the East (India,Tibet,China etc.) for thousands and thousands of years.

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Contents: Ebook, 14 Day Course
Author: Shaktipat Seer
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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

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Purification of Gem Stones

One can also use internal methods, like clearing a stone through meditation focusing ones awareness on the stone while allowing the mind to come to a state of complete calm and rest. It is good to chant the appropriate mantra for the planet as well, meditating on the planetary deity. We should meditate upon the gem as located in the heart chakra, third eye or on top of the head, wherever we want its higher influences to manifest.

Mantras for the Chakras and the Elements

LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM (all pronounced with a short vowel sound as the 'a' in the word 'father') are the bija mantras of the five great elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether and relate respectively to the five chakras from the root (Muladhara) to the Throat (Vishuddha). They strengthen their respective elements and chakras and can also be used for the planets connected to the elements. In addition, the mantra KSHAM rules the third eye or mind center and the mantra OM the crown chakra and center of consciousness. The mantra KSHAM (pronounced kshum ) strengthens the third eye or Ajna chakra, the Moon and Mercury.

Brutish signs v Signs

The wand of Hermes, or Mercury, the messenger of the gods. A cosmic, sidereal, or astronomical symbol its significance changing with its application. Originally a triple-headed serpent, it is now a rod with two serpents twined around it, and two wings at the top. As a medical insignia it may appear as a rod surmounted by a ball, representing the Solar orb, and a pine cone, representing the pineal gland. The entwined white and black serpents represent the struggle between good and evil - disease and cure. Another form is the Thyrus, often pictured in the hands of Bacchus. Astronomically, the head and tail represent the Nodes - the points on the ecliptic where Sun and Moon meet in an eclipse. v. Aaron's Rod.

Planetary Octaves

At the present time the right cerebral hemisphere is governed by Mercury, and the pineal gland, its higher octave, is ruled by Neptune who also has dominion over the spinal canal which is the avenue whereby one pole of the creative energy was originally turned upward for the building of the brain.


The planet also rules the lymphatic system, the pineal gland, the thymus gland and the spleen. And it is involved with infections and poisons in the body. Whereas stings and bites fall under Pluto's influence, any mysterious, inexplicable, confusing element that is toxic is in Neptune's domain.

Mantras for Jupiter

The third verse is not to Brahma, the Creator, which is related to Jupiter in other accounts, but to Brahman or the Godhead, the Absolute within and beyond all creation, whose transcendent nature can be understood through the wisdom of Jupiter as the divine guru. The east is symbolic for the third eye.

Ygi c stro ogy

Not only the Sun but all the planets move through our subtle body or inner zodiac. They can be located in the chakras of the subtle body and their corresponding signs of the zodiac. The six chakras or energy centers of the astral body reflect the seven planets and the twelve signs that they rule. This sequence follows the orbits of planets around the Sun from the Sun as the third eye or head center, with the Sun and Moon considered as two aspects of one planet in terms of sign and chakra rulership. 1. Third Eye (Ajna) The Sun and Moon are well known in yogic thought as the right and left eyes of the Cosmic Person (Purusha) and relate to the two petals of the third eye center (Ajna chakra). They show our consciousness in its masculine and feminine, or will and feeling sides as activated through the right and left, the solar and lunar, pingala and ida nadis that traverse the entire chakra system from the base of the spine to the nostrils.