This combination gives remarkable intuition and a very affectionate and warm heart, with an innate sensitiveness to the surrounding thought sphere. It is a harmonious blend and acts chiefly upon the feelings, stimulating the heart into greater activity; the brain feeding the heart, as it were, and rendering the intuitions and spiritual aspirations very keen. This combination gives correct mental impressions, and the power of clear thinking, with a tendency to religious thought. The metaphysical is easily encouraged, and there is a certain amount of originality of thought and action. Extremes in affairs of the heart would act injuriously and the health would be seriously impaired through disappointments in the love life. This position brings success through ambition and favours all matters connected with music and the drama. It endows with good vitality, and makes a strong, positive, forceful personality, displaying firmness and, when aroused, energy and enterprise, ambition and self-reliance. The native is good-humoured, honest and candid, having some fondness for show and ceremony, fine clothes, decorated rooms, large houses: generally possesses a very good opinion of himself, and likes the good opinion of others, even their flattery.

This combination stimulates the critical and discriminative tendency of the Moon in Virgo. It exalts the practical nature and brings out all the scientific characteristics. The solar position considerably improves the lunar characteristics and makes the mind more logical and more accurate in its judgments. It gives a considerable amount of ability in all literary pursuits, -jut also awakens all the exacting tendencies, although it dispels some of the melancholic attributes, of Virgo. It intensifies the love of study and also gives a considerable amount of musical ability, especially in regard to expression. It often gives greater ability than there is opportunity to use profitably, so that success comes through holding some relatively subordinate position, such as a servant of an employer yet occupying a position of trust, private secretary, agent, etc.

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