Thb Individual and Personal Character of the Sign Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, who stands ready to shoot from his bow the arrow which is said to never fail in hitting the mark; this alludes to the power of prophecy. There is an idea of freedom conveyed in this symbol of the archer, and of Sagittarius individuals it may be said that they always aim for the highest. If we can judge of the individualised Scorpio character now standing prepared to shoot forth his self-generated thoughts, we can imagine that this sign will fulfil all the mysticism contained in the preceding sign. Sagittarius is the last of the fiery triplicity and of the reproductive trinity, and the third of the mutable signs; it therefore represents the union of the qualities of head and heart, now sent upward in devotion to the Heart of all things. When fully individualised, those born in this sign are great lovers of law and order; they are very intuitive, and prophetic, possessing the power of sending their thoughts to any distance that they wish. The seer and the prophet are born in this sign, and we find those born in this sign, when awakened, to be the most self-confident and self-reliant of any of the signs. They are always looking forward with a bright and happy disposition, full of joy and hope for the future. They know intuitively that the future state is far better than any that have preceded it, and this lends them the power of inspiration, making them always enterprising, progressive and prophetic. They seem to possess only one thought at a time and this thought carries them on to the goal they wish to reach. They have a decisive way of expressing themselves which can never be mistaken, for behind it is the intuition that knows. It may be said of those born in this sign that their failings are such as can be easily forgiven, since the worst evils have been left for the sign Scorpio to work out. When personal, they are very personal; for they are then restless and inclined to over-activity, are nervous and highly strung, dis playing a tendency to become petulant and irritable. The personal Sagittarian is a bluff and outspoken character, somewhat exacting, and very apt to domineer. When perverted, the nature is exceedingly rebellious, unwilling to submit to the least restraint, and when angered knowing exactly where to hurt. This last characteristic arises from the ability to sense the weak spots in others.

There are very few at our present stage who can express all that lies concealed in this sign ; for it is the ' ninth house' of the Zodiac, the house of the guru or teacher, and it leads through science to philosophy and thence to the true religion of law and love. Hence we find the tastes of Sagittarius always inclining toward one or other of these pursuits ; though the scientist may remain in the region of experimental science, unconscious of the higher claims of philosophy and religion to which his science should point him; and the philosopher may continue immersed in learned disquisitions, or profound study, without attempting to turn his energies into devotion, which is the spirit of real religion, and the true nature of this sign. Nevertheless, the philosophic spirit is always strong within them, even after devotion has been awakened.

As the third of the mutable signs, we find at our present stage many undecided characters born in this sign, quite uninterestingjand often very indolent persons. Indeed, many of them are quite content to let others shoot their mental arrows for them. Generally, however, they have clear conceptions of what they wish to achieve, and they set to work to put into practice their ideals. For this ninth sign is the sign of the future, the promise of the coming humanity whose thoughts shall no longer be scattered but undeviatingly directed to the goal which all are destined to reach.

Sagittarius being a mutable sign, and having sympathy with Gemini, its opposite, the lungs are the first part of the system to show weakness. This weakness is generally caused by over-activity, causing depletion of vitality by the scattering of the life forces. Walking exercise in the open air is the best cure for Sagittarians, as they are thus enabled to draw into themselves the vitality needed: moderation should be observed, however, as even in this direction they tend to over-exert themselves. Being naturally fond of sports and out-door exercise they usually live healthy lives, though they are more liable than others to accident, and in this way more often suffer from disease.

In common with those born in the other fiery signs Sagittarians make good military men. We may think of Aries as representing the common soldier, Leo as the captain, and Sagittarius as the general or commander. The common soldier would rush headlong into the fight with the impulse and impetuosity characteristic of his nature; the captain with his determination, decision, and thoroughness would be able to weld the heterogeneous elements into a co-ordinate whole; while the commander (Sagittarius), with his admirable foresight and ability to plan, would see how to direct and manipulate his various corps. Other vocations favoured by those born in this sign comprise teaching, the ministry, law, astronomy, photography, designing, etc. : as inspectors, equestrians, horse-dealers, sportsmen, and advance agents they excel.

To sum up their character generally, Sagittarians may be described as impressionable, active and enterprising individuals, somewhat introspective, but always frank, honest, generous and sincere; loyal to those to whom they become attached, and generally wise in their love ex pression. Although not so demonstrative as Aries, nor so fixed as Leo, Sagittarius yet gives expressive feelings and an affectionate nature. Being lovers of liberty, those born in this sign can recognise the law of order and harmony, and they make splendid characters when allowed perfect freedombut when bound or placed under any restraint they become fretful, irritable and rebellious, until it is difficult to pacify them. They never willingly hurt, but when pushed to extremes they are apt to say more than they mean, and sometimes inflict great pain in this way. They like always to do one thing at a time, and in this particular are quite different to people in Gemini, the opposite sign, who like to leave things unfinished, or to do them in scraps ; the Sagittarians, however, being of one mind like to accomplish that which they have conceived. Persons born in this sign are capable of reaching to great heights of prophecy, and they may make great progress in the world on spiritual lines. The inner nature or destiny of this sign is Law.

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