Physical Characteristics

Q Leos tend to have trouble with their backs; for some reason, their backs narrow at the lower spine. In other words, they have very thick upper vertebrae, and as you get down into the lumbar area, it can become very thin. This can ttstR.Ol.OGY tHROUGH A PSYCHiC'S EYES

put a great deal of stress on the lower back, and like many Libras, they will have a swayback.

Leos are also very neurologically prone, especially if they don't let all of their energies out.

Leos have an angular structure, but they're beautifully formed people.

They have beautiful eyes, and you're pulled to look directly into them. That's why Leos would make good hypnotists, although they don't stare at you the way Pisceans do.



' I Virgo, known as "the Virgin," is promis--L cuous. Virgos are also known as "the whores of the zodiac." Whenever I say that to Virgos, they say, "Yeah, that's right!" Any other sign says, "Oh, no!"

Virgos are promiscuous, but they have a prudish exterior. They are very sexually oriented, but they have an immense ability to sublimate this sexual energy. They can redirect it, thank God!

Virgos like to have everything in its place, everything organized. Meticulousness is a trait of theirs. I do not think they're as nitpicky as

AstR.oi.cigy Through A Psychic's EYES.

they might think, though. They're not nearly as bad as the Capricorn. But you always feel embarrassed around the Virgo, as if they're cleaning up around you and dusting you off. That's why they often have cracked hands— they're constantly washing.

Virgos are very good with people, but they have to be absolutely sure of what they're doing. They need to be "on top" of everything, but they do need prodding. And they'll cover their tracks well, in a positive way.

When upset, Virgos are the slow, smoldering type. When in repose, they look unhappy or pensive. That's why a Virgo gets very aggravated, because people are always asking them, "Are you mad?"

They are retentive in just about all areas, with a file-cabinet mind, especially when they have been hurt.

Virgos are obsessive about colors in the house. They want the colors to match or complement well. And they have an obsession about counting. It is a very strange obsession. If they start counting 1,2, 3 . . ., many of them will want to go all the way up to 100.


Virgos feel that they must finish everything. If they start making a dress, they have to finish it that night. And it doesn't matter if the sewing machine aggravates everybody—they feel you ought to know that they must get it done. They're also note takers; they carry lists constantly.

A soft heart (which is paradoxical of this sign) is another mark of Virgos. They will let their children walk all over them—they have little baby footprints all over their body. But no one else walks over them. And be careful of what you say around a Virgo; they can get upset over some off-the-cuff remark. That's how sensitive they are. The Virgo will reply, "I know it's not your fault, but you hurt me anyway." So don't say unflattering things to a Virgo, such as "Your nose does not fit your face."

A Virgo is also multifaceted (like the Gemini), and this leads them to need many people around them. Both the male and the female Virgo can be faithful to two or three at one time. Yes, it's true! And you cannot tell Virgos that they don't love all three of those


people, because they do with all their hearts! They love totally.

You will notice, for some strange reason, that Virgos seems to run in groups of three. It's almost like they need three people to give energy to, and to receive energy from.

Virgos walk with their heads first, and on the balls of their feet. They have very defined laughs—usually high-pitched and somewhat hysterical. And they cry easily when pleased or provoked. They have a tremendous vanity streak, which stems from insecurity. Make fun of them, and you have an enemy for life; compliment them, and you have a friend for life. You cannot just flatter them, but given an honest assessment, they will accept it.

They are very close-knit with their family, even more so than a Cancer. And if there is any kind of dissension in the family, the Virgo will handle it. Some would say let the Libra handle it, but they're too busy balancing everybody. A Libra will drive everybody crazy, saying, "I see your side, and I also see your side," whereas the Virgo will say, "You're wrong, she's right; that's the end of it!"

Virgos are loyal supporters, and are more apt to be in the internal workings of an organization, rather than being the front-runners. Virgos are like Cancers—when allegiance is pledged, it's for life. They're more apt to keep their "friends" within a group made up of members than to have many outside acquaintances. Virgos have been known to be called fair-weather friends, but that's not the case.

Usually the first half of the Virgo's life is very introverted, and then all of a sudden they become extroverts. You can see a Virgo one day, and in six months, you won't know this person. All of a sudden, this individual has decided to be completely outgoing. Virgos usually don't get going until around age 40. This is because they don't feel particularly wise until then, and they're very slow to develop their self-image.

Virgos are permissive parents, but they're not consistent. A child will get by with something one time, and the next time, the Virgo parent will not allow it. So they're inconsistent. Their nervous system is highly tuned, so they have a tendency, after a long period of

Astrology fhrpvgh a PsychIc's Eyes patience with a kid, to let out a shrill, high-pitched scream. There can be a moth or some bug, and you'll hear the Virgo shriek! But they do have a tendency to allow their children to get by with things that other signs will simply not allow.

The Virgo has a temper, but it is not caustic. They just get angry. The Libra individual will usually hit more below the belt than the Virgo, because the Libra comes from an emotional standpoint, while the Virgo comes in intellectually. Air signs do a good job of getting angry; but boy, if you're ever hit really hard by a fire sign, then you know it. The air signs come from the emotional standpoint, whereas the earth signs come from a very practical one. But fire signs go right to the heart.

Virgos are good talkers, and they usually relate strongly to their past. They have a tendency to look backward. Virgos have a tendency to say what they think: "Oh, when I was fat like you . . . !" or "Is that your daughter?"— (and it is your sister). They also have a habit of constantly putting their foot in their mouth.

If you give a Virgo a compliment, their eyes


fill up as though they want to cry. You don't know if you've said something right or wrong. Anything romantic or sentimental sets them off. Also, negative and positive vibrations give them chills. Corny or bad or good—whatever— they are always getting the chills.

It is hard for a Virgo to get started on things, and change is not to their advantage. They love well-ordered things, especially trips and new clothes. They also love to travel, and they can be ready on a moment's notice if they want to go. The paradox is that although they love travel and beautiful things, they will not go out of their way to buy or arrange anything. It is better, they feel, if someone arranges it for them, rather than forging ahead themselves.

One thing about a Virgo, if they like their house a certain way, it stays that way. Five hundred years later, you can go back, and it is clean and neat, but the stereo is still sitting right in the same place. You can always tell a Virgo's place, because when you take a picture off the wall, there will be white paint underneath, with green walls around it. They will just paint around their pictures, because the

picture looks good there, and they don't ever want to move it.

Virgos are private learners — they're not geared much for formal training. They love the mystical, and they're not natural-born skeptics, which does not fit with most earth signs. You don't tend to hear a Virgo say, "I don't believe ..." Once they accept a truth, then it is it for life. You never have to hassle a Virgo with skepticism. Virgos are the nicest people I ever have in the reading room. They will say, "Yes, I understand." And that's it. They love things for how they're presented — so they don't complicate faith, or even parapsychology. They just accept it. And they have marvelous retentive memories.

I have never seen a Virgo yet who did not have an estrangement with their mother. They may fight to overcome it, but it is always there. Then they make an almost undying effort to form a partnership relationship with their mother. In doing so, they alienate their father. They do have a tremendous closeness with brothers and sisters — even closer than with their mother and father. So in that way, they're


good because they do not build up a symbiotic relationship with their parents.

The male Virgo is much more ambitious than his female counterpart. Both are very selective about the people around them. Unfortunately, the male Virgo (more than the female Virgo) could be classified as a fair-weather friend. This is because he will like you only for what you can do for him.

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