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The Practical Value Of Astrology

The central firemist we may consider the first visible manifestation of the triune God, the Lord of Hosts, Who contains within His Being a multitude of other beings at varying stages of development. Their diverse needs require different external environments. In order to furnish such proper conditions several planets have been thrown off from the central mass, each being differently constituted and each having a climatic condition varying from the others. Yet they are all in the kingdom of God, the solar system. In Him they live and move and have their being in the most literal sense, for the whole solar system may be considered as the body of God and the planets as the organs in that body, ensouled by His Life, moving in His Strength in accord with His Will.

3 Moon In Sagittarius

Your mind resents confusion and it will reject anything irrelevant to the issue at hand. When you do focus, it is on one thing only, to the point of seeming to have a one-track mind. Unsettled in both mind and body, you need activity and physical exercise. You have a need to roam and are fond of sports, both as a participant and an observer.

Moon In The Seventh House

You are socially popular, and this placement emphasizes interpersonal relationships. You are very sensitive and often are responsive to the needs of the public. You have trouble making up your mind about getting married and usually have several opportunities. Often because of your emotional dependency, you may marry early this doesn't always work out because of your need to develop maturity in personal relationships. You may attract a sensitive and moody partner, especially if the Moon has challenging aspects in your chart. Child actress Shirley Temple, dictator Benito Mussolini, actress Marilyn Monroe, astronaut Neil Armstrong.

0 Ee Mercury In Cancer keyword receptive

You are very emotional and you can be swayed too easily by your senses. Arguments arouse your stubbornness because once you make up your mind you stick to your decision. Im- pressionable and changeable, you are sensitive to your surroundings kindness and praise are the best ways to get through to you. Your mind is retentive, and your thinking js creative. You have flashes of intuition, and you like poetry You are a sensitive listener, full of sympathy for the suffering of others, but you might have trouble thinking objectively since your emotions are always involved. This could lead to feeling sorry for yourself. You are diplomatic and have good business ability, although much of your orientation is around home and family. If your Mercury has many challenging aspects, you might be evasive rather than honest. Writer Pearl Buck, writer Thomas Mann, attorney F. Lee Bailey, billionaire John D. Rockefeller, Sr., poet Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

P Mercury In Sagittarius

You are sincere and you have a great sense of dry humor. Impulsive, you often speak without considering the consequences. You have intuitive flashes of truth, but, due to an overabundance of interests, you are apt to scatter your mental forces. Your mind does not need sharpening, only directing. Generous, progressive and honest, you hate to deceive anyone. Because you are concerned with attitudes more than with facts, you are interested in higher education, philosophy and religion. You relish intellectual status, tend to be a nonstop talker and love travel of any kind. If there are many difficult aspects to Mercury, you can have a tendency toward moral sermonizing or toward being overly pedantic in your attitudes.

0 V3 Mercury In Capricorn

Hard-working, cautious and earnest, your mind is penetrating your memory for facts and figures is excellent, and detailed work is right up your alley. When you want to make a point you can be tactful and diplomatic, but basically you tend to intellectual snobbery. You have good common sense and the ability to turn ideas into practical use. You are self-disciplined and a good disciplinarian, but you must remember to add heart to your head. You are methodical in both thought and procedure, which gives you executive and political ability. You like to uphold traditional ideas you are realistic rather than idealistic. You also have keen awareness and good powers of concentration. You may lack the ability to laugh at yourself, but if you have a sense of humor it will be somewhat satirical. If there are difficult aspects to your Mercury, you can be too materialistic, ambitious, dogmatic and even suspicious.

Mercury In The Fifth House

Your thinking is creative and you express yourself dramatically. You have good speaking ability. You can be autocratic, and you like speculation. You are busy with lovemaking, pleasure and artistic pursuits. You are fond of children, but you may not necessarily have any of your own. You are attracted to anything that stimulates your mind, such as chess or word games. Education is important to you, and you could be

Venus In The Third House

And generally you can always see the other person's point of view. Your mind is refined, and you express yourself well. Fond of studying, you enjoy lots of running around and short trips. Charming and intellectual, your good nature endears you to everyone. Artistic and creative, you could be a good writer if you don't write books at least you write interesting letters. You do not like to argue you prefer to achieve your aims by persuasion rather than by pressure. With difficult aspects, you tend to be fickle, decadent and superficial. Cornelia Wallace (wife of Governor George F.), Governor Ronald Reagan, playwright Noel Coward, actor Lew Ayres.

Mars In The Ninth House keyword venturesome

Independent, enthusiastic, often self-educated, you are curious and interested in serious studies. Although you can be quite skeptical, at some time in your life you probably will develop a religious zeal, bordering on fanaticism. Your mind is very restless if you cannot travel in person, you do a lot of armchair traveling. If you have difficult aspects to Mars, you

North Node N in the Ninth House South Node n in the Third House

With a ninth-house North Node and a third-house South Node, you are constantly getting entangled with others on the road to freedom. You like to listen to other people's problems and to give them advice, but you need to learn that truth is much larger than these day-to-day issues and the stored knowledge in your head. Your greatest growth will occur when you make the transition from lower to higher mind and open your eyes to the broader horizons before you. You're here to develop faith, intuition, and live a life of spiritual growth.

Saturn In The Ninth House

You have a whimsical sense of humor, and your mind is deep, meditative and reflective. With challenging aspects, you may be fanatic, intolerant and have a poor relationship with your in-laws. You may either avoid foreign travel, or overdo it and make too many long distance trips or moves.

The Shifting Of The Letters

The whole matter may appear trivial to -you, good enough for scholars bite not for the average man. But, remember that many things in life are incomprehensible just for this very way of thinking on the part of the average man. The avenues of life are trodden by millions of people like herds of sheep grazing, over a hill side. You want to be an exception to rhe rule and there ore, you have to delve into matters which, on the surface ate of little import, interiorly, though, they produce and bring to daylight matters which forever are hidden to the masses. Four or five years of work, fifteen or rwency minutes each day, persisrently, in the direction shown in this work will perform wonders within you. You will gradually look at the world in a much different way you will recognize the big theatre we are in, the pawns and clowns, how they jump at the planets' bidding, thinking of themselves as the doers, because they know no better and never will. Martial ill his Epigrams brings this...

Neptune In The Third House

You are very intuitive and imaginative and you tend to daydream and need to learn concentration. Art or literature would be excellent outlets for you you sometimes use a pseudonym or an alias. Insecurities early in life can lead to nervousness later. You might live with a relative because of problems in your parental home, or you may have stepbrothers and stepsisters. With a strong Mercury or Uranus, you will be productive and can either be a supersalesperson or a con artist. With difficult aspects, your mind may be vague and you may not be very academic or your relatives might misunderstand you.

The Real And The Apparent

To reach the highest degree of attainment or success he must stop thinking fear, doubt, disease, failure, disaster and that sort of thing. Man, therefore, according to our philosophy, is the greatest being that is in the universe, and this earth the best place, because here is the greatest chance, the only chance to become perfect. So we say always strive to improve your mind, your body, your material wealth and your environment be cheerful and happy, and let God take care of the rest. When you can learn to think this way you will be the real God-man, and the apparent-man or shadow will vanish forever. You are then at one with the Great One, and all force and power is yours.

The Twelve House Reading

This is often known as the house of secrets. It relates to frustrations, limitations and your subconscious mind. You couldn't have a better card here than Sagittarius, as it is so optimistic and positive. We all have limitations and restrictions placed upon us. None of us can do exactly what we want to do, when we want to do it. Fortunately, Sagittarius bounces back up again after every setback. Sagittarius is also a philosophical sign and you will ultimately grow enormously in this area. The twelfth house relates to latent talent, as well. Sagittarius is often inclined to try and do too many things all at the same time. Fortunately, being a Taurus, you are able to balance that and finish most of the things you start.

The Method Of Color Meditation

Visualization means conjuring up pictures in your mind's eye. It is a powerful and effective means of designing your own reality. With this meditation, repeated once a day or a few times a week, you will achieve your objectives in time, as countless people I know can attest. A final word of advice if you do not actually see pictures when you close your eyes, this is normal. It takes people weeks, or even months, before they can visualize with the inner eye. Relax, as if you were daydreaming. Put no pressure on yourself. The results are usually astonishing, magical.

Cancer Through The Houses

Difficulties often crane through relatives, and the only relative he is apt to feel close to is the mother. The tie-up with relatives is a karmic one if Mercury is afflicted, and he will be happier away from too close association with toothers and sisters. He functions more from the instinctive and subconscious mind than from reason. Extremely psychic innately, Cancer finds it difficult to separate what he feels from what he thinks. He is apt to be at the mercy of his moods and feelings up one day and down the next. He is what 1 call a psychic blotter and is very susceptile to atmosphere. He feels what you think and is very good at knowing exactly what you are thinking. He cannot study by rote, but he can sit and listen to others talking and soak up knowledge like a sponge. He tends to be very impressionable.

Coping with Fear of Intimacy

Pay attention to the seemingly inconsequential thoughts that enter your mind, especially when you are discussing intimacy issues. Also try free association, with or without your partner. Completing the sentence I fear is one way. What does this chapter make you think of How does this section make you feel

Application of Astrological Mantras

The most important and powerful of all mantras are single syllable or bija (seed) mantras like OM. Bija mantras are primal sounds that carry an integrated concentration of both sound and meaning from which all language and the very forces of creation arise. They can create a great force of transformation that penetrates deep into the subconscious mind, reaching the very causal body or karmic sphere of the soul. Bija mantras have an energetic effect that works well with pranayama and silent meditation. As such, they can be more powerful than prayers, which rely more on thought and intention. Bija mantras may be used by themselves or combined with other mantras, in which case they serve to energize them more strongly.

Mercury in the twelfth house

You are good at analyzing other people's problems you are interested in the psychic realms, and your thinking can be secretive. Your mind is subtle, and you like to work in seclusion. At times you may have trouble expressing yourself. You lack self-confidence but hide your insecurity you need to guard against living in a dream world. You base your decisions on feelings rather than on reason. If your Mercury is close to the Ascendant it will take on a first house feeling, so you would be very communicative and less introverted. With difficult aspects you may have had reading problems as a child, or you might have had an extraordinary childhood perhaps you were raised in a foster home, orphanage or boarding school.

3 Mercury and Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of the higher mind, abstract intelligence and conscience. Its influence brings higher values including religious, ethi-cal, philosophical or charitable considerations. It connects us with our soul, while Mercury is more connected to the informational as-pect of the mind. Jupiter is examined along with the fifth house for determining the qualities and strength of our deeper mind and ere-ative intelligence, including the capacity we have to learn on our own. It is also connected to education at a college or career level.

L mercury in the tenth house

You like cultured friends, love new ideas and are intuitive and often idealistic. Friends and groups are very important to you, and you like to join with them to achieve common goals. You enjoy sharing your knowledge with your friends, since your friendships are more mental than emotional. Very social and unprejudiced, you probably have many younger friends. With challenging aspects, you tend to be critical, cynical, impractical and at times eccentric. If you do not choose your friends carefully problems or scandals could arise.

Ufe And Training Of An Astrologer

When you have equipped your mind with the characteristics and protections of virtue, approach with confident boldness of mind this book as well as the following books which we have written on forecasting from the stars. But if your mind has strayed in any way from these principles which we have laid down about human character, see that that you do not approach the mysteries of this doctrine with a perverse instinct of curiosity or sacrilegious rashness.

Mercury In Aspect With The Other Planets

Horoscope may culminate in action, it invariably requires an aspect of the Moon to fertilize the aspect and make it bloom into physical manifestation. The Sun and the planets may therefore be likened to the hour-hand on the clock of destiny which shows the year when each phase of our destiny which shows the year when each phase of our destiny is ripe for the harvest and the Moon may be likened to the minute- hand which shows the month when the influences are due to culminate into action.

Jupiter V Here Comes Santa Claus

Jupiter represents your confidence and vitality, and symbolizes growth, optimism, success, and generosity. Astrologers look at your Jupiter to find your opportunities for expansion and success, as well as to see how you may use your higher mind and education, faith, religion, or philosophy to achieve those goals.

The Moon And Us

The longer and deeper you delve into the study of Astrology the more interesting and enlightening it will become. Aside from the Nativities and predictions, Astrology has a tremendous significance in your own life. You will be able to consider the events of your life in a more intelligent matter because you will be able to understand and explain the forces which bring about the events. As your development continues, your mind will mature astrologically and you will constantly search for the reason why things happen. You will eventually understand the principles behind the cause and effect relationship and for this reason you will become less impatient with life. When you can understand the forces that are operating, you can cope better with the problems of life. You will be able to seize opportunity at the right moment. You will discover that when one line of action is not propitious, another line of action may be feasible.

The sunny side

Grounded in reality, steady on your feet, and utterly reliable. Because you have an intense need for security, both emotional and financial, you make conservative choices and try to avoid change. You hold on tightly, only giving up when there's no other option. But once you've made a decision, nothing can convince you to change your mind. Concrete goals make the most sense to you. You pursue them quietly and with single-minded determination. It's true that you may not reach your destination quickly but like the legendary tortoise to whom you're often compared, you do get there.

Sb Moon In Cancer

Your sense impressions are very accurate, but you do not often act upon them. Your mind is meditative and your reactions are slow and uncertain. Sensitive to outside influences, you pick up negative vibrations from others this can make you moody and unhappy if these feelings spill over into your personal relationships. You hide your true feelings and strong emotions under a hard shell.


Become very magnetic and charming and people will love you, especially those of the opposite sex. You also have wonderful hypnotic powers which can be brought to a very high degree of development by always being patient and never allowing yourself to become angry or to feel envious or jealous of others. Both your magnetic and hypnotic powers will lead you to wealth and success- Ee careful of your money, and don't try to help others too much. Always keep well informed of the progress of the world and keep your mind open, broad and tolerant, respecting the opinion of others even if you don't believe in them. Always put your whole heart, soul and energy into everything you undertake, no matter if the undertaking is a small one. I know your nature is to do large and great things, and that is all right but ever remember if you do the smallest thing in the world successfully it will put you in a position to do something better and greater. All Capricorn people ought to have a good business...

8 Mercury In Taurus

You are stubborn and have definite likes and dislikes. Acquisitive and fond of money and material goods, you are interested in both the arts and the opposite sex. Your mind does not react readily to new ideas, and once you start a project you rarely give up. You never jump to conclusions you like to hear all the evidence first. Mentally you are conservative, cautious and constructive. You depend more on life experience than on book learning. Your memory is good, and your approach is traditional. Your mind is practical, and this is an excellent position for business and management. If this placement has difficult aspects, you can tend towards mental inertia, but trying to push yourself into action will not help you need to work at your own rate of speed. Industrialist Henry Kaiser, singer Barbra Streisand, violinist Yehudi Menuhin, poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, President John F. Kennedy.

FTb Mercury In Virgo

Your judgment is impartial your mind sorts and indexes all ideas, and they are ready to be used when you need them. Because your mind is versatile, you are a convincing speaker. You are interested in literature and are good at detailed scientific work and research you can be a scholar. You may be interested in medicine, hygiene, mathematics and all detail-encompassing work. You know how to turn knowledge into material benefits. You have strong common sense, you are honest, but you can be intolerant of those less intelligent than you, or you can be too skeptical. With challenging aspects to Mercury, you are too quick to criticize and should guard against letting details get in the way of larger plans and goals. It is also wise to fight a tendency to pigeonhole everything in the universe. President Lyndon B. Johnson, Labor leader Walter Reuther, Princess Anne, conductor Leonard Bernstein.

M Mercury In Scorpio

You are critical, skeptical and at times even secretive or suspicious. You are set in your opinions and it is difficult to convince you to change your mind. You are shrewd, forceful and apt to be too incisive with tongue or pen. Either you can needlessly wound others, or you can turn that sarcasm into an exquisite wit. This investigative and probing position is good for any of the healing professions it is also good for chemistry, photography, detective work, occultism, research and big business. Your mind is deep but rarely charitable your determination is boundless and your mentality is so fixed that you can overcome all obstacles to get what you want. If your Mercury has difficult aspects, you must learn to overcome your tendency to use others' weaknesses for your own advantage also try to avoid passing judgment on those who may be less fortunate than you.

Twelfth House

Like the Sixth House, the Twelfth House is directly concerned with health matters. Specifically, it is the house of hospitalization. It is also a house that can indicate psychological problems. People with strong Twelfth Houses tend toward introversion, and they hide their feelings in their subconscious minds. And as with the Fourth and Eighth Houses, people with planets in the Twelfth House can build up negative emotions until there is a physical manifestation in illness. Since this is one house position that does not allow emotions to ferment forever, progressed or transiting planets can trigger release of this backlog of repressed or suppressed emotions perhaps resulting in hospitalization.

Mercury In Pisces

You are psychic and intuitive, and you learn by absorption rather than by study. Your memory is retentive your mentality is reflective, romantic and poetic. You may keep your real thoughts under cover and only express them when you are with close friends or relatives. This placement for Mercury shows a duality evincing contradictory qualities combined with your receptivity to outside influences, it's no wonder that you are often accused of being moody and sensitive. You get hurt easily. Harmonious surroundings are very important to you because you react more from the subconscious than from reason. You like to be well-informed and often have a great love for music or some sort of artistic talent. With difficult aspects, your sense of reality might be distorted and your mind may vascillate you may tend to wool-gathering or daydreaming you could be pessimistic, melancholy and confused. Too many difficult aspects can give you a morbid imagination, a persecution complex or other neuroses...


The planet Jupiter is symbolized by the half-circle above the cross. It denotes the human spirit, whose faculty is abstract thought. Therefore the planet Jupiter stands for the higher mind, the mind that is unconcerned with material things, and expresses itself in abstract thought, as religion, philosophy and the higher sciences.

Mercury In The Signs

A general review of Mercury's basic characteristics will aid our study. If these do not come to your mind easily it would be wise to refer back to lesson six and refresh your memory. You should automatically think of the intellect and progress when considering Mercury. It exercises influence over all of our mental abilities. It represents our potential knowledge and wisdom. Mercury is the ruler of the signs Gemini and Virgo, it is exalted in the sign Aquarius, has its fall in the sign of Leo and is detrimented in the sign Sagittarius and Pisces.


Put your whole force and energy in whatever you undertake and know that you can succeed. You can generally accomplish what you undertake by having the fullest faith and greatest confidence in your ability to succeed. It is abso* utely necessary for people of your sign, of either sex, to have unbounded faith, hope and confidence if you are fearful of success and have any doubts about succeeding in any undertaking you may have in mind, it would be wise for you to abandon it, as the chances are you will not meet with success. Work is essential to your happiness. All people of this sign who are idle or not continually actively engaged in some pursuit are apt to be very miserable. Rely entirely upon your own opinions and don't permit or allow anyone to switch you off or change your mind, as your own judgment about what to do and what not to do is far more valuable than that of friends or acquaintances. People of this sign, both men and women, are adapted to business, and are...

The Ninth House

The ninth house, which is related to Jupiter and Sagittarius, concerns the search for wisdom and knowledge. While it is said to govern higher education, our learning and growth can't be limited to the college years or to those with a college degree. Many self-educated people are wiser and have more depth than others with a doctorate. The signs and planets involved with this house also show how you approach the workings of the higher mind theory, abstract ideas, and philosophical questions.

DH Mars In Gemini

Your mind is always active, and you have great dexterity and manual skills. Observant, argumentative and excitable, you are very alert, active and restless. You must develop the discipline of concentration. You often feel the need for adventure and have a tendency to go off in many directions at once. You have a great sense of liberty and justice. Your speech is eloquent, yet straightforward. Sexually you alternate from deep relationships to superficial ones. This placement often requires more than one partner for total fulfillment. Swimmer Johnny Weismuller, musician Louis Armstrong, artist Raphael, dictator Benito Mussolini, singer Dean Martin.

The Moon

Finally, the position of the Moon in a natal chart will help establish a person's emotional needs. Good health is not just a matter of eating the correct foods it is a interweaving of diet, emotions and mental attitudes. If emotions are misdirected, suppressed or repressed, they can build up and fester in the subconscious mind. Such festering is the equivalent to a viral microbe entering the body and hibernating until the time that it erupts into an ailment. If emotions such as guilt, anger and jealousy are not properly dealt with, they too can cause illnesses.


Leo's are highly intelligent people. They are enthusiastic and quick to respond. Leo's have a good time and frequently give magicians' standing ovations I love to work with Leos. To start, would you make your mind go completely blank - that was quick Now, as quickly as you can make a pile of any six of those photos and put them to one side. We won't need them any more. That leaves us with. . .

The World Soul

Wells up in the region of the attentive mind in such way as to create a subject of thought. Extremely sensitive persons not only have an apperception of a presence, but also a vision. By the same or similar functioning of the subconscious mind, we are made aware that certain people are inimical to our interests. We smother the impression in deference to our good taste, or the proprieties , admit them to our confidence, and everlastingly regret the fact that we did not act upon our first it was broad very thin, it had two colours on one side only, its edges were like a saw, and the value of it was one anna. Needless to say, I was much impressed by the experiment, but said at once that the number asked for was only a blind, and that it was a feat of direct thought-reading without contact. The event proved that I was quite wrong, for he presently described things spoken about in letters as yet unopened, and further made prediction of certain events which afterwards transpired. On each...


The fiery triplicity has its apex in the Eastern angle, Aries, where the creative fire commences to produce a body for the spirit to function in in the material world. The second angle of this trinity is in the fifth house, which denotes the manner in which the creative force will be used on the physical plane for procreation. It is, therefore, the house of children, occupied by the fiery sign Leo. The line of force running from the Eastern angle in the other direction shows the use to which the creative force is put in the mind. It is, therefore, occupied by the fiery sign Sagittarius and placed in the ninth house, which denotes the higher mind.

Lesson Viii

The elements are always in a square relationship to each other. Each square or cross (as they are sometimes referred to) is known as a Quaternary and each Quaternary contains 4 signs, one from each element. The three groups are known as Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable Signs. This sign division is similar to the House division - Angular, Succedent, and Cadent houses. (If necessary, refer back to Lesson VII and refresh your mind on the principle of this House Division). The elements themselves are divided into four groups of three Signs each, and each group is known as a Triplicity. The groups into which the elements are characterized. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, are known as Triplicities and the squares or crosses which they form with each other are known as Quaternaries.


Ketu is ruled over by Chitragupta who is the God of karma, connected to Yama or the God of-death. Chitra means 'a picture', and gupta means 'hidden'. Ketu reflects the karmic residues that are present like pictures in our deeper subconscious mind. These come out in sleep, death or deep meditation when the ordinary mind ceases its activity.

Planetary Geometry

Have you ever looked up at the nighttime sky and tried to find any of the planets Have you ever in your mind drawn connecting lines between the positions of the planets and wondered if the lines and geometric figures thus created have any special meanings Did you ever wonder if the various angles that the planets make to each other have any influence on life on Earth


She uses her active imagination to construct and fantasize what she really wants out of life. She has learned well in her Sagittarius phase that she possesses the key to the future, that the high ideals she learned there are indeed right for her and are attainable. She learned, too, that enlightenment is a necessary adjunct to knowledge, and she seeks to place all things in the light of her higher mind. She has learned from her Libra phase that she must bend and adjust to the river that flows around her, that she must become part of that flow if she is to be an active participant rather than a passive observer.


In the previous Lesson (XX) you were introduced to the basic precepts of a transit. Now we expand that knowledge so that the word transit becomes an integral word in your vocabulary. In light of the preceding statement sit back relax, and read carefully this fascinating concept. Remember what was said in Lesson XX When we say that a planet is transiting we are merely defining its motion through the zodiac. When we talk about a progressed planet we simply are referring to a transiting planet whose motion we have halted for a specific progressed time and place. (It would benefit you immensely if you would refer back to and restudy the section in Lesson XX concerning transits so this material is made fresh in your mind.) Within our present sample charts, both the Radix Chart and the Progressed Chart, let us define exactly what we have accomplished. When we erected the natal chart we stopped the motion of the transiting planets for the exact time, date, and place in question. The...

Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite garnet increases our capacity for empathy and deeper feelings, but at the same time it affords us emotional strength and endurance. It allows access to the positive forces in the subconscious mind as well as supporting our connection with the collective consciousness and the masses of people.


As Jupiter generally represents the higher or abstract mind, Mercury indicates the lower or concrete mind, the intellect or informational mentality. However, Mercury is not limited to this. He also shows the higher mind in its discriminating ability and connects us with the Divine Word or word of truth. Mercury governs names. On a lower level these are the outer appearances of title and personality which are illusory. On a higher level they are the names of God which connect us to the true reality of things. Mercury is the rational conscious mind which is still only the most articulate part of the subconscious mind (the Moon). True consciousness is not of the mind but transcends thought.

5 The Fifth House

If the fifth house is dominated by Jupiter, the person will have good judgment, a sense of ethics and conscience and devotion. The creative intelligence will be strong but directed toward public or spiritual, rather than family affairs. One can easily develop the higher mind through study and meditation.

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