Working with Anger

All Married Couples should karri the art of battle as they should leam the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest—never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principle of equal partnership.

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The Cosmic Woman has learned to battle constructively, both with her mate and with the many other people she encounters in the process of living life fully. She will not hide from misunderstanding and guilt. She will instead confront it, communicate her feelings, be receptive to the communications of others, and find a solution that is equitable and honest.

The Cosmic Woman, through all life's many challenges, has learned to identify the feeling of anger, to acknowledge the feeling, to communicate the feeling without hurt or blame. In sharing her anger, she doesn't expect to change the position of the other person. By communicating more openly, she expects to better understand her perception of the things that make her angry and to avoid their beckoning in the future.

The Cosmic Woman has made a pact with herself to be healthy. She realizes that suppressed emotions, such as anger, can cause bodily functions to cease operating properly. She recognizes bodily feedback, be it sensuous or painful. The by-products of healthy expression are easily recognized; the by-products of unhealthy expression are often masked as minor irritations, aches, and pains, and they can ultimately result in extreme pathology.

The antennae that detect changes in both the physical and mental environments are turned inward by the Cosmic Woman in order to better read the messages coming through. This enables her to take the first step away from repression—being aware of change as it occurs. When defensiveness is eliminated, the Cosmic Woman opens up, receives, evaluates clearly and quickly, and communicates. She has also learned to pay careful attention to dispassionate critiques and advice.

The Cosmic Woman has learned to deploy her anger to effect creative and positive change. When she enters an argument, confronts another, or responds to anger, her performance is almost magical. Her high level of concern for the rights and opinions of others, her nonmoralizing acceptance of differing objectives, and her underlying sense of love actually give her freedom to move, to actualize her multidimensional attitudes.

The Cosmic Woman deals with displeasure, impatience, annoyance, and anger in specific ways. She recognizes her right to her opinions and feelings, and conversely, the rights of others to theirs. She involves herself with change, with helping others overcome their one-dimensional attitudes, instead of batting her head against stone walls and expecting to create cracks and fissures. She learned during her Aquarius phase that to tear down and rebuild takes a lot more energy than to renovate existing structures. Thus, she is expressive instead of defensive, creative instead of destructive, objective instead of subjective.

Life for the Cosmic Woman involves continual revaluation and growth. She combines thoughtfulness, self-love, and self-actualization to create productive scenarios for living. She will accept criticism, she will process it, evaluate it, and salvage those parts of it that enable her to embellish her lifestyle. If need be, she will be angry. She will also be sad, happy, concerned, filled with joy. She will not, however, be filled with guilt, uncertainty, or negative, nonproductive energy.

The Cosmic Woman realizes the conflict that is inherent in life on our small planet. She sees value in it because it prevents stagnation and stimulates growth. She yields with a smile, she commands with love. She remains forever open, self-realized, and sure of who holds the key to her life.

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