What She Needs to Learn

Taurus must learn that the needs of the body do not always mesh with her inner concepts of beauty and reality. Her remembrance of a remote ideal past when inner realities matched outward manifestations of love and sex often causes dissatisfaction with the way things are. The flesh must be given its due, but her idealistic need for romance and beauty must also be met.

The Taurus Woman will not find love by controlling the people around her, her environment, or the many beautiful things she owns. If she really loves herself, she will attract what she needs. If she really trusts in others, she will find that they shower her with the affection and love that she really desires.

She must not invest her emotions in people who are not truly worthy of them. She is the eternal optimist, believing that if she loves people enough, they will return that love. So seldom is this the case that she often turns these failures inward and blames herself. This is a clear example of her tenacity and stubbornness getting in the way of an honest appraisal of people.

There is a time to remain silent and a time to speak out. The Taurus Woman needs to let her mate know what she wants; otherwise frustration and repressed anger will follow. Her nurturing qualities often cause her to overlook one of her other principles: give-and-take. She makes sure she gets hers in bed; she can make sure she gets hers in life too.

Another healthy revelation for her is that sex and love do not necessarily have to be coupled all the time. The casual affair is often as satisfying for her and not nearly as draining. It's a good opportunity to release some of her excessively romantic energies. It follows, therefore, that she must learn when to experiment. Love and sex will not come knocking on her door. She must move out and try different patterns when she feels the urge.

When Taurus feels that her body is out of balance, she needs to look for the force that is at work, for the source of the energy that is overtaking her. Perhaps she needs to practice moderation in her sexual appetites; or maybe envy and jealousy are at the root of her problem. She may be experiencing the effects of repressed or misinterpreted anger or she may be subconsciously denying herself some pleasure because of her intense sense of duty.

In the feeling of anger, the excitation charges the muscular system along the back of the body, mobilizing the powerful movements of attack. The main organs of assault are located in the upper and front-end of the body. . . . Anger is experienced, therefore, as a surge of feeling upward along the back of the body and into the head and arms. This surge of feeling is associated with a strong flow of blood to these parts. ... If inhibitions and tensions exist which block this surge of feeling, they eventually produce illness.

Like many others, the Taurus Woman does not recognize anger as an emotion that is as common as love, depression, joy, or happiness. Few have ever seen the Taurus Woman truly angry. Behind the calm, patient exterior, she has buried the bruises, slights, and hurts that a less tolerant, more self-aware woman would never harbor.

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