What She Needs to Learn

The Scorpio Woman must be aware of all her sides and not expect a perfect mesh. Until she understands herself, she will be victimized by her own desires. She may deny her masochism and compensate by being female macho; or she may deny her strength by going with her need to submit to domination.

The Scorpio Woman needs to learn to remove the "bad" labeling this culture has taught her to attach to some of her most basic drives. For example:

• She is competitive, but not a frigid career woman.

• She wants to win, and she needs to accept this.

• She likes primeval sex play, and she must realize that deep down, just about everyone likes to let go and be pleasured.


The Scorpio Woman accumulates anger slowly but surely. Usually holds it back as securely as she would tie a baby to her back. She appears as cool and calm as the eye of a storm. But the calm of the eye has never yet stopped the storm from raging.

When she finally lets her anger out, it explodes and causes a domestic, interpersonal Pompeii. Egos get buried and relationships sometimes die as a result of her inability to cope with her anger. She is a grudge bearer; don't let her secrecy and outward calm deceive you.

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