What She Needs to Learn

It is the rare Gemini Woman who finds the perfect mate, and she must be aware of the near impossibility of her search. Until she understands herself, she will be victimized by her own dreams. She will end up a lonely and bitter person as she flits from romance to romance (in her searching state of mind, "toad to toad" may be more like it) in search of her Prince Charming. She must learn to accept the men in her life as they are, not as she would like them to be.

This is not to say that she should give up her search, but only that she must learn quickly to recognize the man she really wants. She must gain the patience to look for him and wait for him constructively. She should not allow societal scorn to daunt her. She has to develop a thick skin in dealing with those people who would force her into a Cancerian mold—the place most women are put by traditional society.

Being a Gemini Woman requires a lot of strength, for she consumes prodigious energy while pursuing her many adventures and following her impulses to their natural conclusions. The stakes are high and the risks great, but the prize is a pot of gold at the end of her personal rainbow; if it pays off, the reward is well worth the risk.

The Gemini Woman often gives herself too quickly. She needs to slow down and discover whether her current attraction is really worth the emotional investment. She needs to hold back until she falls in love. Often, since her judgments are so swift, she would do better to postpone a decision until she has given a man the chance to reveal his inner nature. She intuitively knows what she is looking for, and the man she is currently pursuing may himself be looking for the perfect mate while hiding behind the dominant Leo image that seems to be in vogue in America at this time.

She needs to learn respect for the intelligence of others. Often her acid wit will be remembered long after she has forgotten how she used it on someone. Minds work differently. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, moves as swiftly as quicksilver. By contrast, the Taurus mind moves with the force of an earthquake. She needs to see the effective ness of both approaches and understand that the intellect of any developed person is capable of great thought. She will notice a sharp rise in her own stock as she begins treating others as intellectual equals.

She has a tendency to pick losers in love affairs. She must begin to ask herself objectively a dual question: What can this man give me, and what can I give him in return? Only if there is mutual need and mutual benefit can any relationship work. Too often, the Gemini Woman takes what is available and tries to wring, squeeze, tease, hint, beg, steal, or force what she wants from it—and this is especially true of sexual/romantic affairs. At the same time, she rarely gives much of herself or expects him to, either. This can retard her personal growth and lead to complete disaster both in business and in love.

Her nervous sexual energy can be channeled into a creative outlet, be it a new interior for her home or a business where she can utilize her many-faceted personality. Frustration and anger get in her way too often. She needs to learn to release and express these emotions constructively. Since she can verbalize so well, she should perhaps join groups where she can learn about the sources of anger and frustration and see how others, perhaps her astrological sisters, cope with their problems.

Above all she must learn self-control. If she allows her natural tendencies free rein, she is courting disaster. She must put distance between herself and the way she sees herself. This will enable her to perceive what her life is really like and how she can change it. She must put brakes on her mind, or it will run away, aimless, careening off various stimuli it encounters along the way, never attaching itself to anything. Once she has tamed that wild stallion, she will be in a better position to understand her true nature and do something about it. How she deals with her inner self will determine a great deal about how she deals with sex and relationships.

On the surface, the Gemini Woman appears to have a very good understanding of her anger. She is often verbally expressive and direct with it. She is vocal about most of life's irritations, even to the point of being a chronic complainer. She may even wear her anger with pride. She is capable of deriding her closest friends and condemning her strongest supporters if they do not conform to her expectations. She has a streak of cruelty that is virtually unparalleled in other signs—and she has the words to express it, too. She is often viewed with awe because of her ability to "put people in their places." She is, however, totally unenlightened about the origin and appropriateness of her anger, and also about the impact it has on her and others.

The Gemini Woman's greatest difficulty is in compassionately understanding life. She rarely empathizes with another person's plight. She can be at once the most intellectual, the most creative, and the most unfeeling of women.

Where does this lead her? She will insist on rational, logical explanations for all her emotional reactions. She may get so out of touch with her feelings that she becomes a habitual complainer: her husband is completely inattentive; her office machines are always broken down; her daughter never does what she tells her to do. She is rarely satisfied with her lot in life and will tell everyone about her dissatisfaction. If she isn't careful, she can become the stereotypical whiner.

We often equate the verbal expression of anger with an understanding of it. Verbalizing, however, can be an intellectual response to a very important emotion. Often people harangue others because they do not wish to confront themselves. They want

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