What She Needs to Learn

The Piscean has the potential for sharing energy totally and equally with another being. We can all learn to transform early fears and hangups into life-giving feelings. The sexually aware Pisces Woman transforms her sexual encounters into a whole, soul-binding union with her special lover. She wants a sensory flowering that is complete and shared.

It is difficult to move from sexual repression to full sensuality. The first step recommended by today's sex therapists is knowing how to give pleasure to oneself. Pisces needs to get to know her own body well and not simply trust the ministrations of others. An artist in pleasing her partner, she can also please herself. She can then share the knowledge acquired through self-pleasuring. Though she is shy about private matters, it is essential in a growing relationship to communicate such information about oneself. (For specific verbal communication skills, see "Scorpio Relationships.")

The Pisces Woman has an instinctive connection with an ancient route to the perfect love union she seeks. This path is called Tantra. Roughly translated, Tantra means the science of ecstasy. For total fulfillment, the Pisces Woman needs a man who can go this route with her.

Tantra is a psychophysical system five thousand years old. Its goal is to create perfect harmony within. The paths to Tantra are varied. One can reach perfection, according to Tantrists, through the use of sound, visualization, or sexual intercourse.

The object of a sexual exchange within the Tantric framework is to heighten and extend rapport, to create through lovemaking a oneness between a man and a woman. To practice Tantra, the following conditions are necessary:

1. The partners need to be sexually experienced and mature.

2. They need to be a constant in each other's lives.

3. They need to be able to bounce back from failure and have the will to try again.

4. They need to devote ume to this process.

5. They need to give up the Western, goal-oriented approach to sex. In Tantra, orgasm is not the goal. Pleasure is.

The Pisces Woman is a particularly good candidate for enlightened sexual methods. She crusades for spiritual growth. She has a primal need to love wholly. In order to realize herself, she needs to transcend the negative emotions that could keep her confined to depression and ultimately lead to self-destruction. Sexual energy is a potent basic energy in humans. If the Piscean harnesses it, she is using universal energy. If she misuses it, she drains herself of self-love and creativity.

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