What She Needs to Learn

Her free spirit and joyous, emotionally undemanding sexuality have led men to respect and admire the Sagittarius Woman for generations. She genuinely loves and respects them in return, but on her own terms. She loves her independent security and she will maintain it, even if it means spending a good deal of her adult life alone.

Through hard experience, she may learn that the very independence and casual companionship she offers her men will lead to accusations when they find their love will not change her. She must never allow her own honesty to be held against her in this way. If her man assumes she has been playing a game with him from the beginning, then he obviously does not know her well. But it is her responsibility to make the message as clear as possible. Sagittarius does not lie. If her man so mistrusts women in general that he does not believe her, she must read his message loud and clear as well.

As she meets more men who have grown comfortable with their own feminine, receptive sides, the Sagittarius Woman must take care not to increase her masculine dynamic in relating to them. She dislikes weak men so intensely that she may try to force the issue with a man who is just learning to recognize his vulnerability. A man may be drawn to her openness, independence, and kind heart in his effort to strike a new balance in love. The insecure Sagittarius Woman who drives and tests the virility of her man may trample on his fledgling efforts at real emotional communion and send him packing in a fury.

The Sagittarius Woman must remember that her animus—her masculine nature— may well be stronger than her anima, or feminine side. An interesting facet of her new relationships with men is the challenge of growing more feminine with them. Of course no one wants a clinging vine, male or female, but exploring tenderness and empathy, and sharing the deepest kind of intimacy, is often as big a challenge for the Sagittarius Woman as it is for her man.


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