What She Needs to Learn

Most simply, Aquarius needs to learn how to trust. She also needs to learn about life on a more practical plane. Theoretical principles and ideas are the tools for a better future, but concrete acts of closeness, sharing, and intimacy are the things people are made of.

She needs to cultivate the ability first to feel, then to feel as others do. She is likely to develop her own brand of feeling and declare it adequate, if not superior. She shares other things with people, like information and learning; so she can also learn to draw upon some acceptable and established theories about feeling.

Her competitive skills are honed to a razor sharpness. She can be unconsciously hurtful if that's part of getting results. Often when she competes with men, she employs castration-type tactics to gain a sense of dominance. The Aquarius Woman is good enough at winning that she needn't resort to unfair fighting techniques with men.

Aquarius is a woman; whether she chooses to embrace that truth is her decision. She rejects much of what makes her the charming, forceful, and powerful person she is—her femininity. She has perhaps lost touch with much of her femaleness in search of her maleness. A balance must be found, or one will become too powerful. She fears rejection, yet by adopting a strongly "male" attitude while being in the body of a female, she opens herself up for it. Men naturally reach out to her, for she has a magnetism and a promise in her eyes that is equaled by few other signs. When she turns from men and judges them as sexists or opportunists, she confuses them. The promise she offers must be fulfilled; when she realizes this, she'll probably make more promises, since the fulfillment is so necessary for her.

She needs to let go once in awhile, if for no other reason than to find out what it feels like. She'll probably like the feeling well enough to try it again, but it does take practice. Being controlled can guarantee professional achievement but often causes personal fulfillment to wane. Aquarius, when you feel the urge to chuck it all and fall passionately in love with the man whose mind is so attractive, do it! You are generally strong enough to recover should you make a mistake. Mistakes are measures of success . .. and you cannot always rely on feedback from your masses to prove your effectiveness. Prove it to yourself by taking risks, by opening up and letting go. The depth of your passion and the free-flowing warmth you'll feel from your toes to the outer reaches of your great mind will probably make you swoon.

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