What Kind of Man She Wants

The Cosmic Woman is most compatible with a man who is secure in himself, who loves easily, and who has a feeling nature. Her perfect partner needs to be as sensitive and giving as the Cosmic Woman.

She relishes his love, accepting it with candor and a bit of mystery. He is aware of her needs and fantasies before she verbalizes them. She has such a rapport with him that they barely need to speak; when they do, their communications are open and free. He accepts her as she is, supports her in her lifestyle, and helps provide a comfortable space in which she can flourish.

He is intuitive and receptive to her vibrations, as is she to his. It is a joy to find a man whose energy, communication patterns, and flow match hers. She prefers the man who has learned some of the same lessons she has, for she can meet him on common ground. She will not hesitate to teach a man she finds attractive, but it is a joy and a blessing when she meets one who has already learned.

She has mastered the art of resolving problems in a relationship with only those direcdy involved. Her man must face his own self squarely as they forge a healthy, happy, productive relationship. She is a freedom-loving creature who respects his independence. Their relationship cannot be cluttered with leftover emotional reactions and guilt from previous involvements. She trusts herself and him to form a lasting, loving bond with each other, based exclusively on nonpossessive love and the resources each brings to the partnership.

The Cosmic Woman supports her beloved's well-being and encourages his success. He will be equally supportive and encouraging, for their relationship is based on love. The Cosmic Woman provides litde room in her relationships for artificial macho games and the bitchy carping they inspire. She cannot be forced to conform to any predetermined definition of femininity; likewise, she holds no stereotype of acceptable male behavior.

The Cosmic Woman can be all things sexually: aggressive and demure, womanly and childlike, patient and firm. She is keenly aware of her sexual nature and has accepted it. She prefers that her mate be of a like disposition. She expects him to love, flow, and innovate with her. She is guildess, secure, and loving as she is being seduced. She seduces with equal skill.

The man who captures the Cosmic Woman's heart must be willing to touch, caress, cry, debate, comfort, protect, and encourage her. He is never expected to compete with her. He mirrors her androgynous nature as she mirrors his. He is flexible; he has an open mind. He returns her admiration, affection, and affirmation in full measure. He shares his growth with her and encourages her as she grows and explores. He participates direcdy in the inner dialogue she has with herself. He is as direct and honest with her as she is with him. He is truly a Cosmic Man.

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