What Kind of Lover She Wants

Every Gemini Woman has a secret list of qualifications for lovers. She needs a man who:

1. Likes getting two for the price of one.

2. Will stay up all night gossiping with her.

3. Can think of the words to "Shine On, Harvest Moon" more quickly than she can.

4. Will leave work early to see the dress rehearsal for the community theater musical she is starring in.

5. Will take her to a double-feature old-time movie show.

6. Will praise her for her sexiness even when she has been up all night doing crossword puzzles with him.

7. Will buy her a sumptuous box of chocolates with the lunch money he's allocated himself for the week (she's his forever!).

8. Looks nice but doesn't spend hours creating an effect.

9. Is as multifaceted as she is, only less so!

10. Can function well in the good old American tradition of sexual "quickies."

11. Loves all her changes and can keep up with her while remaining relatively stable himself.

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