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Like Venus, Taurus shines with reflected light. She reflects true beauty, not only in the things she gathers around her, but also in the men she chooses. To really appeal to the Taurus Woman, a man must be beautiful. Younger men often capture her heart, for they have not lost the beauty of youth. If they are well muscled and powerful, so much the better.

There is a wide spectrum of types that appeal to her. In general, her man should be well proportioned, handsome, and muscular. She likes a man with a strong interest in sex and a high sex drive who knows what he's doing. She will be satisfied with diminished amounts of both if he gives her a lot of love and respect.

She likes to be dominated by a man who is all man. Being eternally feminine, she looks for the best the male species has to offer. Her fantasies are types more than specific bodies. Cowboys with rugged faces and tough beards—the typical Marlboro ad—fill much of the bill. She has a penchant for nature types, such as a California surfer or a deep-sea sponge diver, and for men from exotic places.

A man who holds her, fondles her, spends time getting her in the proper mood, possesses her, and takes her for all he is worth while nipping her, kneading her, and shouting his love—such a man is her idea of good sex. It helps if he also has repetitive powers, for once is never enough for the Goddess of Love.

Her throat is one of her most sensitive parts, and she has an unusual enthusiasm for oral sex. Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat was undoubtedly a Taurus. She also likes to have oral sex performed on her, and soixante-neuf (69) is one of her favorite sexual appetizers.

She is generally not turned on by kinky sex aids. She dislikes the smell of amyl nitrate, and prickly condoms prevent her from feeling the penis in its natural state. She prefers the thinnest, most transparent condom with only light lubrication, if any at all is needed to supplement her copious juices. She does, however, maintain a full array of dental dams and flavored lubricants for her chosen one. She may even consent to the use of a well-placed dildo, but will want it supplanted by the real thing before the sex session is complete.

If she does not have control of her perpetual self-doubt, if she continually berates herself, or if she was abused physically or emotionally as a child, she may become a masochist. Whipping and strangulation are routes she then chooses. Again, illusion is of the utmost importance; she may put the man in the role of a masked burglar who has come to steal her possessions and in the process makes her submit to all kinds of sexual acts. Strange as it may seem, the post-sex warmth, communication, and feeling of fulfillment are as intense at this time as during her more conventional sexual phases.

Her normally down-to-earth idea of sex/love coupling can be forgotten temporarily if she is far away from home. The Taurus Woman never travels without a secret stash of her favorite condoms. Always discreet, she knows what to ask and how to ask it. If she is reasonably sure her actions will not be recorded, a taxi driver in London, a bellboy in Hong Kong, or a seatmate on a plane to Atlanta may be the recipient of her sexual favors.

The Taurus Woman has a knack for making things that appear less than acceptable quite normal for her. In our current era of sexual fear, she has the capacity to distinguish caution from paranoia. She can move forward to embody the Earth Goddess, and merge her self image with her inner reality.

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