What Kind of Lover She Needs

The Virgo Woman who wants to have a rich and exciting sex life needs a lover with a free mind and body. She seldom takes the initiative and usually needs a man to help her over the first blush of embarrassment. In particular, she needs a man who is subtle yet sophisticated. The head-on macho approach is likely to frighten her, and she dislikes boasting or vulgarity. She needs a lover who, despite his obvious range of knowledge, retains a charming air of innocence. She does not want to be outclassed, but she needs to be led.

She may seem demure, but she usually has a fancy imagination. She is a bit slow to let her man know just how fancy, but the more forward he is, the more she tends to open up. She wants her man to have taste and class, and above all he must be meticulously groomed and washed.

She is apt to dislike messy sex, though the line between acceptable and unacceptable tends to blur with experience. She may like oral sex in all its varieties. The ideal male for her would be the lover in the film The Piano. Virgo likes to be coaxed, opened, and perhaps possessed. Her favorite fantasy may be to be seduced against her will. She often imagines herself bound with silk stockings, spread on a bed, teased, caressed into semi-oblivion, reaching climax as soon as she is entered. Foreplay is important and, as with many women, is necessary for regular orgasms.

Virgo needs a man who is sure of his sexual techniques and enjoys introducing her to new ones. If he is a sensitive teacher, he is apt to find Virgo an excellent student. She will probably want to know the exact length of intercourse necessary to bring him to climax, the precise positions he favors, and the condoms he likes best. She is unlikely to inform him as minutely of her own sexual patterns, however, and it may be because she has yet to familiarize herself with them.

She needs a lover who respects the role of emotion in sexual satisfaction. She needs him to be a catalyst for her emotions, to enable her to feel comfortable in expressing them. A man who is uptight, silent, and quick is not her cup of tea. Worse, he may make her doubt herself.

She may enjoy sex at odd times during the day as a way of transcending routines. Unusual episodes and meetings in strange places may excite her and make her feel she is more passionate.

Her body image is usually good in the areas of health, self-discipline, and cleanliness (barring the few extremely sloppy ones), but mediocre to poor in other ways. She rarely considers herself pretty or sexy and has to work hard at raising her sexual self-esteem. She needs a lover who will help her to do so. Masturbation, about which she is apt to feel guilty, may be an excellent aid.

Her lover should respect the limits she wishes to place on her sex life. If she does not enjoy porno films, skin magazines, or vibrators, he should understand.

Simplicity may give her the most pleasure, and if the missionary position is her very favorite, he may not be able to convert her. On the other hand, if Virgo is a technical expert, her man must be prepared to keep up.

The Virgo Woman has a kinky, rarely seen, but extremely powerful dominatrix side. When she allows this character to emerge, she becomes an entirely different sexual being. She will participate in group sex and enjoy organizing and dominating the scene as well as the men. She is often turned on by women and is frequently the seducer. She adores spike heels, heavy makeup, and parties. Bondage and trios may appeal to her; kinky sex, unusual dress-ups, outre aids, and weird scenarios are to her taste; and she may enjoy big-city activities such as gay bars and S&M haunts. When Virgo throws off her restraints, steamy sex is often the result. Her man should be ready for it.

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