What Kind of Lover She Needs

The Capricorn Woman wants a man who is responsive and responsible. She wants a man who has old-fashioned values and takes the hearts-and-flowers approach, and if he subdy wears his heart on his sleeve, all the more exciting. She herself surely will not.

He must be able to bring out her restrained sensuality and appreciate her tongue-in-cheek seductiveness. If she sits on a barstool next to a man who looks as if he sprang from her dreams, she may overcome her natural shyness and approach him with self-deprecating wit. Alternatively, she may turn the barb against him, daring him to match her.

The man who exhibits the proper signs of genteel upbringing, a dash of macho strength, and plenty of upward mobility has a slight chance with her. In addition, she wants her man to exude two hard-to-define attributes: class and sexual magnetism.

In bed, he should be a gendeman who accedes to her needs and cleverly hears her silent demands. She wants him to anticipate her moods and know her erogenous zones better than she knows them herself. But he must be more than a gentleman; she would like him also to be earthy, demanding, and unabashedly male. In her heart of hearts, she will respect him more if he doesn't cater to her every wish. Sometimes, he should make her do more work in bed than she, princesslike, has ever been willing to do.

She also has a hidden wish to be subjugated sexually. S&M is not usually her thing, but she secretly hopes to find that the man she is in love with can wield as much power in bed as he does in the corporate boardroom.

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