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The Cosmic Woman is an integrated, multidimensional woman who has crossed both the Zodiacal and cosmic planes. Hers is the understanding, the caring, the nurturing of Mother Nature; her needs, too, are basic and natural.

The honest and down-to-earth approach the Cosmic Woman embraces in her relationships is perhaps even more obvious and present in her sexual expression. She is realistic about her own needs, the needs of her lover, and the needs they share. She doesn't expect miracles; she more often creates them.

She has the wisdom to put aside her ego gratification in favor of healthy and honest expression. She is secure in her knowledge of sex, sexual needs, and sexual techniques. She needs a lover who shares her vast knowledge and who possesses the same curiosities and childlike sexual wonder. She knows the boundlessness of sex and the depths of feeling that few others are aware of. Her lover, too, must have few traditional barriers.

If her lover needs a shoulder to cry on, hers is available. In turn, his must be too. Individual sexual expression is, to her, one of the greatest basic human rights. She doesn't believe in trade-offs, in exchanges, in giving up one human right to experience satisfaction and recognition of another. Her integrated nature tells her that recognition, satisfaction, and expression of all of them at once is not only possible, but absolutely necessary.

If her lover comes to her less than liberated, she can show the way. She is a patient soul, and her tolerance is, at the very least, legendary. She can coach her lover to first be aware of self-satisfaction, self-confidence, and self-love, and then to magically expand the selves to include others. But she will not waste her time, her energies, or her feelings on a lover who cannot learn. She is not above making mistakes, and she may well find a lover who is totally incapable of feeling or, worse yet, incapable of wanting to feel. In this case she will be gone, without guilt, without remorse, and often without warning. But let that lover indicate to her that feeling and learning sexual expression is a priority, and she will tackle the sexual seminar with limitless hope and optimism.

She is the most sexually multidimensional woman in existence. She feels the heights of Mt. Everest, the depths of Neptune's parlor, and the expanse of the entire universe in her sexual enjoyment. She is capable of performing almost any sex act imaginable. She has an understanding of both the missionary position and S&M. She employs the techniques she feels will bring both her and her lover the most ultimate pleasures possible—and no matter which skill she demonstrates at any given time, you can be assured it will be with all the love she can muster.

If she cannot find the cosmic sexual experience she needs, wants, and can feel with a lover, she will be undaunted in her search. She will continue to look for the ultimate, for the best, for the lover she can truly share life with—and she will do so realistically. She learned during her Gemini phase that being realistic about sexual expectations and sexual experiences results in real satisfaction. She is not without fantasies, but isn't trapped by them or caught up in groundless expectations of finding a realistic expression for them.

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