What Kind of Lover She Needs

Like Jupiter, the Sagittarius woman is expansive and joyous in her sexual expression. Her first priority in a lover is that he match her enthusiasm and high sexual energy. She will even ignore power-hungriness or the urge to dominate—at least for one night—if his lust has a sense of humor in it.

Though many different types intrigue her, she wants a man who is all male, in the best sense of the word. She cannot bear milquetoasts; she hates caveman types just as much. She loves a man who is forthright, strong, and even very directive, but he must be gentle as well. Above all, the act of love is art to her, and she glories in a man whose movement expresses grace, sensibility, and power.

She loves any kind of intercourse—anal, oral, and vaginal—and she more than likely will carry her own supply of condoms in her backpack. Sex for her is as natural as the great outdoors—her favorite place to indulge.

Her great love of animals (dogs and horses especially) leads her to sexual fantasies that may in fact stem from her childhood experiments. Those early memories may lead her to become an aficionado of anal sex and vaginal intercourse from behind. Anyone involved with animals—horse trainers, dog breeders, even veterinarians—will hold an immense attraction for her. Of course she is drawn to athletes and dancers of any sort. She considers men who sweat and train to be in ripe condition for her kind of play.

She also loves travelers and foreigners of all nationalities. Her own spirit of adventure will lead her to investigate the physical proportions of an Ethiopian ambassador or the legendary sexual prowess of an Indian yogi.

For the long term, she wants a lover who is strong but equal. Many men cannot, in fact, match her staying power between the sheets, and this is another factor that may turn her to women. She may find another lady with the virtuosity and stamina to fulfill her in a way no man ever has. This, coupled with the lack of implicit formal structure and societal expectation in gay relationships, may make lesbian life the ideal alternative for her.

Again, freedom and independence stand above all other considerations for the Sagittarius Woman in love, She is certainly loyal but not necessarily faithful. She will never become embittered by the man who first adores her, then berates her for her independence. She will simply leave him.

Whatever her lifestyle, the Sagittarius Woman chooses to keep love at arm's length. She fears intimacy. Although she may be the one to initiate sexual action, she is the first to put the brakes on when her partner gets too close. She knows her own weaknesses and doesn't want anyone too near. It takes a very special person to gently fan the smoldering embers that lie hidden in the crucible of her sexuality beneath her outwardly cool and blase attitude. When the fire ignites, she falls deeply and completely in love.

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