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The Gemini Woman needs a man who can give her his undivided attention, who will talk until the wee hours about every subject under the sun, who will express himself gutturally, have a quick sexual encounter, and then forget about it. Of course, he should also be knowledgeable, informative, intellectual, entertaining, companionable, a true friend, and comfortably wealthy.

The Gemini Woman likes variety in sex. If she can't find it in one man, she will probably look for it wherever it can be found. Therefore, her man must be versatile if he wants exclusivity. He should like mutual oral sex, shouldn't be averse to mutual anal sex (she can be real mean with a dildo), and should be ready for any other variation the fertile Gemini mind can imagine. If she wants to nibble on his nipples or massage his pectorals, he should be receptive. She knows how to stimulate a man, and he may never have experienced such a master. If he's open to experimentation with her, he must also be open to her experimentation with him.

She also needs a man with whom she feels comfortable and can relax. If the man is as high-strung and nervous as she, chances for meaningful sex are almost nil. Both will have a tendency to fly over the moon before getting down to the nitty-gritty. Gemini's man must know when to direct the playing into definitive sexual intercourse. She enjoys continued stimulation in all the same places during intercourse; it helps if he is octopuslike and extremely agile.

Her man must develop a high tolerance for attempts to make him jealous. She will often form platonic friendships with other men for the sole purpose of testing her mate/lover. The more jealous he becomes, the more she thinks he loves her. He needs to wean her from this tactic by providing adequate proof in other ways. To avoid frustration, he should only allow his jealousy to surface occasionally. However, if he totally ignores her and doesn't provide feedback, she is apt to leave because she feels bored. She likes some fireworks in her relationships on the sexual level. Her man can take her aside at a party and say, "Your flirting with other men is getting me so aroused that I'm having difficulty concentrating on polite conversation." This will often send her sexual anticipation soaring, and she'll probably begin moving towards the door.

There is really no one stereotype to which Gemini's man must conform. She can tease, coax, and excite the best sexual performance out of any male, from the macho type to the very effeminate. This is her specialty, and she seldom fails to arouse even the most impassive of men. In fact, she sometimes enjoys a man she can dominate physically and emotionally; this seems to feed her sadistic streak.

The only criterion she steadfastly applies is that the man be her intellectual equal. She constandy tests his intellect, for she believes that no one is really on the same level as she is. She enjoys worthy competition and would probably be more interested in sex if she thought it a real challenge. She is firm in her knowledge that if she loses an argument in the living room, she'll win it back in the bedroom. It takes shrewdness and understanding on the part of her man to even halfway control her antics.

Once the Gemini Woman has turned off her emotions, she shows little sympathy for the weaknesses of others. She can easily assume the dominatrix role. Her seemingly natural cruelty and feeling of intellectual superiority make it easy for her to assume the role of the S&M mistress. If a man wants to be dominated and have his emotions walked on, the Gemini Woman can fill the bill.

Gemini's basic fantasy casts her in the role of star performer before a large audience. She holds everyone spellbound by her speaking ability, acting, and talented performances of life. Just as she has the audience firmly in the palm of her hand, she picks out those she wants to experience as sexual partners. Then, as the television cameras record it all for posterity, she undresses her favorites and chooses the very best to have sex with right then and there. Of course, true to her nature, the performance is followed by thunderous and never-ending applause (rather a female Tom Jones, captured on videotape forever!).

She needs a man who can help her actualize the practical parts of her fantasies, since she often has trouble acting on the stage she sets in her mind. She really wants some of these fantasies to become realities, and she needs a man with the patience to help her work through them. He won't have to purchase expensive perfumes, designer clothes, or exotic floral extravaganzas; she actually prefers simple permanent press and clean-smelling essences of lemon and pine. He does, however, need to respect the images of her mind as it ceaselessly creates new and different scenes for their mutual discovery and enjoyment.

Above all, Gemini needs a man who can dispel the abject loneliness she often feels. By the time she is in her mid-twenties, she has experienced more than most people feel in a lifetime, and she can join Peggy Lee in saying, "Is that all there is?"

Gemini is often left with a tremendous void that all the variations of sex, all the intellectual games, and all the wanderings of her travel-weary imagination cannot possibly fill. The man who provides this fulfillment must first be fully aware of himself, confident about his own nature and his life pattern; then he must be willing to spend the necessary time to help her find the lost part of herself.

The soulmate she seems forever seeking is often standing within her, patiently awaiting her final discovery—that what one often wants the most, craves the most, and spends the most time looking for is within oneself. Her man can help her focus her attention inward to see what she has thus far missed. He needs to be her friend and her sex partner, all rolled into one.

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