The Cosmic Woman has a rare ability to see things as they could be. Her vision takes in the whole scope of the human personality, human relationships, and human institutions. She can spot potential in all these areas, and if she does become sad, it is because someone or something is not living up to the possibilities she discerns.

She is so aware of the cycles of nature and history that she can project into the future and catch a glimpse of what potential it holds. Being a part of this never-ending process, she realizes what a unique role she has to play in creating the future. Her past memories, both temporal and inspirational, give her a standard with which to measure progress towards the future vision she holds. She knows only too well what dues have to be paid to get where she wants to go.

She uses her active imagination to construct and fantasize what she really wants out of life. She has learned well in her Sagittarius phase that she possesses the key to the future, that the high ideals she learned there are indeed right for her and are attainable. She learned, too, that enlightenment is a necessary adjunct to knowledge, and she seeks to place all things in the light of her higher mind. She has learned from her Libra phase that she must bend and adjust to the river that flows around her, that she must become part of that flow if she is to be an active participant rather than a passive observer.

The clarity of her vision and the depth of her perceptions provide an important identifying mark for the Cosmic Woman. Such insight has allowed her to be successful in business, in management, and in relating to other people. During the age of Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, and where everything has been kept hidden, she has used her powers in very secret ways. Now that the age of Aquarius is at hand, she will become much more visible as she devotes her considerable skills to paving the way for the future.

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