The Gemini Woman can try just about anything and excel. Somewhere deep in her being, there seems to be a plan for just about any venture under the sun, and she alone has the ability to draw upon that knowledge. Her versatility allows her to learn things quickly and to obtain the necessary skills in a very short time. As long as something is new, it is exciting. She will drop an old project that does not interest her and just as quickly take up a new one. Because she has a very short attention quotient, when something is no longer new, it becomes boring. She would rather be dead than bored.

The Gemini Woman is so afraid she's going to miss something that she will try to be in two places at the same time. She can handle two jobs simultaneously. She may give both a lick and a promise, but she does enough to insure passable results. She usually has her fingers in more pies than Jack Horner and cannot possibly handle all the work she undertakes. She is never happy unless she has more than one project going at once. Only when demands are made on her time does she feel important and needed. Blank spaces horrify her.

"Jack of all trades, master of none" sums up the Gemini Woman. Her interest in a variety of things and her ability to undertake so many of them at once give her great dexterity in learning new skills, though she seldom masters them either. She needs to learn how to persevere and follow things through to completion. It is not enough to figure out the principle; she must also be willing to do the work.

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