A good deal of the joy of discovery for the Sagittarius Woman lies in her ease of mastery. It seems she can do anything well. As a child she was often a musical prodigy, beginning piano and dance lessons at age three. Her coordination is excellent, and throughout her school years that natural athletic ability, coupled with her bright curiosity and warm, enthusiastic personality, makes her a very popular girl. Her talent, self-confidence, and natural leadership abilities frequently make her class or club president. Her ease and assurance elects her Most Likely to Succeed, and she leaves high school in a blaze of glory and high hopes.

Though she is not likely to recognize it as such, the biggest challenge for the Sagittarius coed is to choose her major. She studies everything from higher mathematics to Dutch poetry with equal passion. From early childhood she is lauded and encouraged in so many directions that she feels no urge to narrow her field as she approaches adulthood.

She may remain in the academic community for years, studying subject after subject, and teaching to support her continued explorations. More likely than not, wanderlust will be the force that propels her from the confines of institutional education to the myriad realities of the world. When she does depart, it is often with great sentimentality and with a general degree that is of limited marketability.

Versatility is a blessing, especially in our twentieth-century society, but the life of a dilettante may be a frustrating one for the Sagittarius Woman. Her ceaselessly expanding possibilities will finally make any real career or life choice an exceedingly difficult one, and her deeply rooted indecision will often fragment her life. She will feel her energy dissipate, and she'll grow increasingly restless. Vacillation is a likely consequence, but it can torment her, for she possesses enough fire and energy to do five things at once.

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