Unusual Destiny

The Scorpio Woman makes life bend to her wishes. She has the concentration, personal power, talent, intuition, capacity for judgment and action and for leading or following, that make her a stunning winner or a desperate loser. She is a magician who never chooses a gray path; she is either magnificent or she is horrid.

Her habits, appearance, and "aura" bear testimony to an unusual life. No matter how routine her experience may seem to an observer, you can be sure her inner life would make fairyland seem drab by comparison. She is an artist, a white or a black witch. She may behave like the last puritan and live in a bordello. She paints life with the odd stroke, in extreme color combinations, and hides her secret code under the obvious. She is like a Rembrandt painting that has suffered under the palette of lesser masters, only to come into its own at the proper time.

Never underestimate the Scorpio Woman! If she is a wallflower or an impotent career woman now, she may be transformed by your next meeting into a riveting, clever go-getter. On the other hand, she may be at the top of the heap now, but land in the obituary columns just awhile later.

When you live as close to the edge as Scorpio does, you constantly run the risk of falling off. The challenge of the Scorpio Woman is to make the edge bend to her needs so that she is able to deliver the goods she has promised herself. She is a powerful woman born for her own special purposeā€”to change certain taboos, to teach people secret knowledge in the realm of sex, death, and resources.

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