Sagittarius is as incapable of betrayal as she is of lying. Though you might be war)' of asking what she thinks of your new hair color, you can trust her with your life— and in most cases, with your man as well. When she breaks a date with you, rest assured that it is for precisely the reason she states. If it is because she must watch over her sick dog or, equally likely, watch a soccer playoff on television, she will assume that you realize the importance of her excuse.

She is extremely loyal and will keep friends long after they have outlived their usefulness. Woe to the easily offended or the jealous; the suspicious and mistrustful lover should think twice before becoming involved with a Sagittarius Woman.

She is certainly trustworthy, but discredon is not her long suit. It is difficult for her to keep a secret. She so enjoys displaying her knowledge that she is apt to blurt out the most embarrassing informadon (told her in supposedly complete confidence).

The Sagittarius Woman also expects others to be trustworthy. When they don't live up to her standards in this respect, she becomes very disillusioned. If such problems cause a relationship to fail, she can become vindictive and sarcastic, telling the whole world all about it. She seems to don horse blinders and trample over the feelings of those she feels deserve it.

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