Torrid or Asexual Possessive

The Scorpio Woman uses sex, first of all, to control. She likes to dominate a man and channel her passion for the purpose of possession or exploitation. She may mistake love for ownership. She has two sexual faces. One is the face of a fantastic, demanding lover. The other is the face of an ascetic, asexual woman. She will adopt both sexual lifestyles more than once in the course of her life.

In her torrid phase, the Scorpio Woman has a whore's vocabulary and the lust of a sex-starved mariner. She drives a man wild with desire. She is a virtuoso who makes sex worth living for. Sex fuels her in a way nothing else does. Even the inexperienced Scorpio Woman intuitively knows the art of lovemaking. The sex experience, even without love, is familiar to her from other lifetimes. She enjoys it even though she may calculate precisely with whom to mate in order to best advance other causes. Love and sex may be separate entities to her.

The Scorpio Woman also goes through periods of complete withdrawal from sexual activity. She may do this out of guilt over her "promiscuity." She may channel her energies into mental pursuits alone. She may suddenly find that sex falls far short of her extreme expectations and give it up in disgust. Sweeping changes are her style.

Sexual lust is always part of her makeup, for she is a very physical person. But she also has the capacity to turn it off. There are times when she is engaged in a spiritual quest for the celebration of life through universal love. She may go overboard and forget that universal love may very well include physical passion.

The spiritually aspiring or evolved Scorpio Woman, the eagle or phoenix, has more than a bit of Joan of Arc in her. Sex is not just the way to land a promotion or the richest Rockefeller. Sex can become for her a way to release sacred passions. In later life, her sexual energy may be used to reach the pinnacle of strength and integration or to achieve a religious coming together with another human being.

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