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As with many women, the Libra Woman's story is one of inner transformation. She is the original ugly duckling who grows up to be a swan.

The Libra Woman tends to be narcissistic, usually blooms late, and has strength but also self-doubt. She is humane but can be personally insensitive. She is compliant and yet aggressive on occasion. She is part innocent little girl, part untouched virgin, part revered love goddess, and part femme fatale. She is no ordinary woman. Nor does she wish to act like one.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a Libra type. Her life is a study in courage and achievement born of pain and insecurity. It shows what can happen when Libra casts off her self-doubt, her exaggerated wish to please and belong, and places her vitality, drive, and fighting spirit in the service of humanity.

Eleanor seems to have grown up feeling like an ugly duckling. Her lack of beauty (though she had her own kind), of traditional feminine charm and grace, must have conspired to burden her with a poor self-image. Typically Libra, she went ahead and built a bond with a man. She fashioned a personal style that became the independent yet attached woman's hallmark.

Franklin evidently never paid much attention to her as a woman, especially in later years; her children looked up to him but not as much to her, and she took to protecting strays. Did she feel they were like her? However that may be, Eleanor created a style that shows Libra at her best: fair, openminded, independent, assertive, effective, dedicated, and caring.

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