Timing Based on Cycles

Blessed with a good memory that has been refined and honed to a sharp edge, the Cosmic Woman is able to remember the patterns her life creates. She studies the warp and woof of it to find why the design emerges as it does. She is keenly aware of the cycles she undergoes and knows they have a powerful effect on her. Her life is filled with rhythms—the heartbeat, the rhythms of the breath and brain, the menstrual cycle.

She is aware of the moon's effect on her life. She can feel her emotions wax and wane with its movement. She learns to flow with these changes and to accept her nature rather than fight it. The lunar cycle is the shortest of the planetary cycles but also creates a long-range cycle that is important to the Cosmic Woman. Recognizing these subde rhythms and the direct relationship they have to her life helps the Cosmic Woman to plan and cope with problems that many do not even realize. They would rather curse fate and die.

The Cosmic Woman is also on the lookout for patterns that recur in her life. If she has attracted three men who all have similar characteristics and have all treated her in the same negative, rotten way, she can be assured that they are there for a purpose. She has something to learn, and the pattern will be repeated until such time as she is able to deal with die problem they represent.

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