Thinskinned Petty Vengeful

The Cancer Woman is vulnerable to sniping, criticism, and aggression, and she is uncomfortable with people who lack social conscience or personal sensitivity. She has very thin skin and is often hurt by an unintended slight. Since she has a long memory, this can create unfortunate situations. She is apt to file for future reference a careless remark Ms. Gemini tosses off. Ten years later, when Gemini comes to visit, she is likely to find Ms. Cancer cool and bitchy, and Gemini will never know why.

The Cancer Woman is often petty about insults, real or imagined. Since she is so subjective, she tends to take almost everything personally. She can understand a busy doctor not remembering her first name, but she will never forgive him for not asking about her family. If she feels that she or her home and family have been betrayed, the Cancer Woman frequently retaliates. She can be extremely vengeful, for example, if she suspects her partner of infidelity. There is cruelty in her nature, and she is bound to make him pay for it; endless, merciless sulks, spending sprees, and accusations are not uncommon.

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