The Scorpio Woman in Love

When she is in love, the Scorpio Woman can be a sexy pussycat. She is a giver. She can organize life to suit her man. If he wants his pipe by the easy chair, his slippers by the fire, dinner on time, and sex galore, she'll make sure he gets it all.

Eliminate her jealousy or anger, and the Scorpio Woman is miles ahead of the rest of us in her use of will power. Even with her problems, she is fascinating and effective.

Among the roles she may choose to play to please her man (and incidentally to further her own interests) are those of an exquisite hostess, a nurse, a wife, a partner, and a lover. If her husband dislikes making decisions, she will make them. If he dislikes decisive females, she will make decisions indirectly if she wants to.

Almost nothing fazes her. I once knew a lady who must have been a Scorpio type, judging from her devotion to making herself her husband's indispensable ally. When he took up balloon racing, she took up sky diving in the same club. I know a lumberyard that is completely owned and managed by Scorpio sun signs. The wife of the owner helps her husband cope with nervous customers, represents the company at marketing meetings, and still goes home to fix dinner and keep house every day. As long as she chooses, she can be as diplomatic as Libra, as patient as Taurus, as intensely ambitious as Capricorn. But please be aware that this is a phase. She must want to do it of her own free will, and she must be paid back for it, sooner or later.

You can never discount the Scorpio Woman's hidden motives. She is savvy in planning the best of everything, and her ultimate goal is to safeguard her own interests. In love, she will make sure to guard her man against other flirtations. She will protect her loved ones from disease, injustice, inconvenience. A note to remember: she likes to make others dependent on her. She usually operates out of a calculated strategy and retains a deep, secret core of separateness.

In short, the Scorpio Woman has mastered the art of being indispensable. Within reason this is healthy. She tries to design her present as well as her future, for she believes that if she does not protect her interests, no one else will. However, the Scorpio Woman can easily cross the thin line between self-protection and permanent manipulation of others for her own ends. She must be constantly aware of what she is doing and why, and she must incorporate open communication into long-term contacts.

Scorpio may reserve the right to please herself above all. Those recently come of age are more able to do this than an earlier generation that was brought up on the lesson that selfishness is all bad.

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