The Pursuit of Pleasure

It seems natural that a sensuous, feminine woman like Libra would enjoy sex, and it is true that the sounds, smells, and rituals of sexual interaction are pleasurable to her. But the verbal buildup to erotic play is essential to arouse her. She is also stimulated by a romantic movie, a candlelight dinner, music by the fireplace, erotica, and sexual fantasies. The screams of a passionate couple making love next door also arouse her.

She makes the creative pursuit of the pleasurable life an art—and she defines pleasure broadly. Plain intercourse ranks as a tiny fragment of her total satisfaction. To turn on sexually, the Libra Woman needs to be primed by words, strokes, cuddling, and comfortable if not luxurious surroundings. The vibes must be right.

She wants a sex partner who is agile, aggressive, alert, and impressive to others, one who takes the initiative and also follows through imaginatively. The desirable partner must have a vivid erotic fantasy life, a gift of gab, and superb techniques to match her own.

The Libra Woman is likely to be most aroused by an articulate, polished, refined, clean, well-dressed partner. Her ideal man never forgets to open the door for her and always takes her to the nicest places, to a smart restaurant rather than to a pub or dive. He must always have clean fingernails and hair, smell good, smile, speak well, and make love exquisitely.

Libra wants to be pursued, courteously wooed, and loved like Lady Guinevere. She likes to be persuaded into bed, for she is part reluctant virgin. She likes to tease, for she is part temptress. She is a goddess of love and beauty, a modern Aphrodite who wants to be admired by mortals.

She likes pretty things, for she is part little girl. She likes being spoiled with gifts as part of the courting, and she in turn spoils her lover. If she were living in days gone by, she would want the full romantic rituals of the times. She would have felt at home in the civilization of Pompeii. Theirs was an erotic culture in which sensuality was revered, not downgraded or exploited. The cult of beauty, the natural acceptance of the body, the established rituals of social and sexual interaction—all would have pleased her.

The ambience and interaction preceding sex determine whether she wants to consummate sexually. Intercourse is not necessarily her favorite pastime. She may prefer a sensuous picnic in bed before or after coitus, and never mind the bread crumbs.

It is very important for Lady Libra to look good. Though she battles with overweight all her life, she does take care of herself. She has regular appointments with the hairdresser and at the skin care center.

She knows instinctively how to keep sex exciting. She is attractive, smells good, walks gracefully, and has a particular brand of femininity that turns men on. Her knowledge of sexual techniques is often impressive, even though she may be reluctant to impart this information to uptight lovers. She wants to eliminate the old-hat feeling that renders sex dull, to abolish the sloppy habits that result in a lackluster feeling and a lessening of stimulation.

She caters to the man in her life, though she is not quite sure how far to go. She is reluctant to give herself totally, for in her mind there is always a certain fear of dependency. In her early years particularly, she wants her man to adore her as a sex kitten and make love to her as a sex goddess. She wants to be pampered yet idolized. At times, she wants complete control of the situation. She is afraid to give up this control and be dominated by her passion.

She shares with Pisces a deep, hidden fear of being engulfed by her partner, though she is usually not aware of this fear herself. To open up completely to a man sexually means running the risk of emotional vulnerability. She is frightened of losing her identity. Her actions might be interpreted as embodying the male idea of cool detachment. James Bond and John Wayne do not want to lose control either.

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