The Middle Years Reaching Emotional Maturity

Pisces is a water sign, which denotes intuition, receptivity, intense emotions, imagination, and sensitivity. The Pisces Woman goes through many stages in her important relationships. If the relationship is sexual, the following stages may be felt more intensely. If it is nonsexual, as with her children and friends, the phases may be expressed more subtly. Not every Pisces Woman will experience all these stages, nor will she necessarily experience them in the following order. Also, as she matures and makes new friends or remarries, she may have no need to go through the first three stages again.

1. Total devotion to the object of her affection.

2. Growing dependency linked with fears of being unworthy or abandoned.

3. Possessive attachment to the partner.

4. Self-awareness, bringing the realization that love and intimacy necessitate high self-trust; emerging need to relate to the other's process in new ways.

5. Attempts to change and take action, bringing turmoil and later change.

6. Resolution of some sort: a truce; an ending; a reshaping of the same relationship.

The Pisces Woman searches for relationships that make her feel hopeful and loving. She falls in love with and remains loyal to the people who make her feel joyous and loving.

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