The Method Of Color Meditation

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1. Lie down or sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Make sure that everything is quiet around you and that you will not be interrupted for the duration of your meditation (anywhere from about seven minutes to over half an hour).

2. With your eyes closed, picture yourself standing at the base of a flat-topped pyramid. Stretching ahead of you and up are seven steps in seven colors. You will go up slowly, step by step.

3. Step on the first step, which is red. Imagine your body suffused with the color red. Stand there as long as you wish, just "feeling red." Let the red rise up through your body, from your ankles to your head. Your red should be clear and true, like a field of oriental poppies. Red is a vibrant, energetic color that denotes freedom, will, power, strength, determination, independence, honor, leadership, and courage.

4. Take a deep breath and let the color slowly creep down. Start by visualizing the red at the top of your head. Then roll the color down across your chest, hips, knees, and finally back down into the step.

5. Take a deep breath. Mount the next step. It is blue. Feel the blue as you breathe. Let the blue rise slowly from your toes on up, until it goes right to the top of your head. Visualize yourself completely blue, a beautiful deep-sea or sky blue. Blue stands for love, wisdom, kindness, humility, gentleness, understanding, trust, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, sensitivity, humane detachment, patience, cooperation.

6. Take a deep breath and slowly let the color roll back down. Start by lowering the blue from the top of your head, then roll it slowly down your chest, hips, knees, ankles, and finally back down into the step.

7. The next step is yellow. Visualize yourself on a bright, clear, sunny yellow step. It must not be muddy. It is the color of a buttercup in early spring. Imagine the yellow color slowly rising in you until you have become completely buttercup yellow. Don't forget to breathe all this time. Allow the yellow to rise slowly until it has reached the top of your head. Just hold it there while you breathe and relax. Yellow stands for joy, expression, discrimination, organization, evaluation, praise, active intelligence, judgment, ability. Let it all seep into you.

8. Take another big breath. Slowly bring the yellow down. Lower the yellow from the top of your head to your eyebrows, neck, chest, hips, knees, and all the way down to the step you are standing on. Get ready to step on the next step. Breathe. Relax.

9. Step on the next step, which is green. It's a vital grass green, or perhaps a sparkling emerald green. Visualize yourself green, and slowly roll the color green all the way up to the top of your head. Concentrate on being green. Breathe the green in deeply. Green has all the good qualities of yellow and blue, and it also brings growth, hope, expansion, acceptance, enthusiasm, sharing, energy flow, industry, sustenance, gratitude, searching, and nurturing. Green is the color of vitality, of living things. Breathe it in deeply.

10. When you are ready, slowly prepare to roll the green down. Start at the top of your head, and roll it down your neck, chest, arms, hips, knees, and feet until the green has gone back into the step. Prepare yourself for the next step. Keep breathing deeply. Relax.

11. The next step is orange, a bright orange like sunlight or like a healthy tangerine. Breathe in the orange slowly, carefully. Enjoy its energy. It should be warmer than the green, slightly cooler than the red. Imagine the orange color going up your body, all the way through your body. Start by visualizing it in your feet, then in your legs, your knees, genitals, hips, chest, neck, head, and on up until you are orange yourself. Now you are all orange. Breathe deeply. It gives you all the qualities of red and yellow, plus great courage, illumination, intellect, action, steadfastness, the ability to build forms, confidence, victory, harvest, striving.

12. Let the orange go through you. Get acquainted with its intense energy. When you are ready, begin to bring it back down. When it has reached your feet, get ready to step on the sixth step.

13. This step is purple-violet. It is a deep violet color, like velvety pansies, or a deep royal blue with an extra dash of red in it. Unfurl the purple-violet slowly from the bottom of your feet all the way to the top of your head. Do it slowly. Purple-violet has all the qualities of blue and red, plus devotion, loyalty, service, responsibility, idealism, aspiration, understanding of justice, and royalty. Purple-violet is also an extremely healing color. Many psychic healers begin by spreading this color around their patients and around themselves. It is a protective color.

14. Breathe deeply, slowly. Enjoy the vibrations of this color. When you are ready, slowly roll it back down into the step below you. Get ready for the final step before reaching the flat top of your pyramid.

15. Mount the last step. It is indigo. Breathe deeply. Slowly raise the color indigo, the color of the midnight sky, up through your body. When it has reached the top of your head, visualize yourself completely covered in indigo. It should look as if someone has poured india ink all over you. According to healers, indigo is the highest-vibration color. It brings synthesis (merging), unity, ritual and ceremonial magic. It is a catalyst for spiritual growth and purification.

16. After awhile, bring the indigo back down to the step. Start at the top of your head, and slowly roll it back down, past your chest, knees, feet.

17. Step up on the flat-topped pyramid. Imagine it as a bright, whitish crystal. You should be there alone, bathed in light, gloriously relaxed. Visualize yourself proud, loving, confident. Wipe out feelings of fear and anxiety. Focus on the light, the sparkle, and feel your own energy lightening. When you are on top of the pyramid, you become cleansed and relaxed. Now visualize yourself free of fear. See yourself flowing and beautiful. Talk to yourself about your wishes in life.

18. Since this is a powerful meditation, you must now remember to say the words "This is meant to be for the highest good of all." You do not want to manipulate others through the use of visualization. Its purpose is to help you to be healthy and to grow.

19. When you are finished watching yourself standing atop your pyramid in complete happy freedom, prepare to go back down. If you feel you have communicated with a source of cosmic energy, as eventually happens in many meditations, say, "Thank you." If you have requested help from anyone while you were up there, also thank them.

20. You will now go down the steps in reverse. The colors in reverse are indigo, purple-violet, orange, green, yellow, blue, red. Go down each step slowly. Feel the color of each step through you. Visualize yourself in that color.

21. When you have reached the last step, the red one, you have finished your color meditation. Open your eyes; enjoy the feeling of trust and relaxation.

Visualization means conjuring up pictures in your mind's eye. It is a powerful— and effective—means of designing your own reality. With this meditation, repeated once a day or a few times a week, you will achieve your objectives in time, as countless people I know can attest. A final word of advice: if you do not actually see pictures when you close your eyes, this is normal. It takes people weeks, or even months, before they can visualize with the inner eye. Relax, as if you were daydreaming. Put no pressure on yourself. The results are usually astonishing, magical.

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