The Leo Woman in Love

The Leo Woman in love invests her man with the most gorgeous kingly trappings. She can usually make him feel like a king and convince him that he is the luckiest man alive to have found his queen.

She is at her most considerate and highly motivated when she is in love. She will get out of bed on a cold morning to bring him breakfast. If he is transferred, she may quit her job without a word of complaint to move with him to a new city. She may do his laundry flawlessly. She comes the closest she will ever come to the traditional idea of the feminine woman.

This ultra-feminine phase of the Leo Woman in love is not to be mistaken for a lifelong pattern. She is not likely to give up some of her basic tendencies. She still likes to eat chocolates by herself, read in private, be free of household duties and detail, and she would dearly love to be served in bed herself. But when she is in love, she consistently acts to overcome her resistance to going out of her way for others— that is, for awhile. The proof of her being in love with a man lies in how attentive she is. Though she may be acting a part, she convinces herself, too. But don't be too sure she does not plan to be the matriarch eventually.

If she eliminates the problems that arise from her grand expectations and needs for excessive attention, Leo makes a fabulous partner. She can make her man blush with pride, agonize from excitement, break out in anticipation, squirm from longing. She may have him on a leash, but he will adore being led around. And when the tables are turned, nothing is more fun to watch than a lioness prancing in a diamond choker.

Like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard Of Oz, she is a softie deep down. She has heart. When she is in love, she pours out her offerings. She can heal, adore, praise, worship, serve, support, and paint a golden forever for her man. The Leo in love softens. She purrs. She glows with hope. She is convinced the world is a beautiful place, notwithstanding Dante's vision and the atomic bomb. Very littie can threaten her.

My advice to her man: beware of offending her, of being unaware of her desires, of not paying her court. You must be able to bring out in her, and help her sustain, her own love of self.

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