The Gemini Woman in Love

The words of Victoria Woodhull rather aptly characterize the Gemini Woman in love: "I am a free lover. I have an inalienable constitution and natural right to love whom I may, to love as long or as short a period as I can, to change that love every day if I please." Gemini needs a lot of patient understanding. She really needs and wants love; what turns her off is the responsibility that comes with it.

So long as she is the center of attraction for her man, she will move mountains for him. If he has a day off, she'll call in sick so she'll be available for his pleasure. She'll prepare special meals for him (since she isn't enamored of the kitchen, this is quite a feat). She can often second-guess his needs and seem to read his mind when he needs a special favor; when he wants to go to the fights with the boys on Saturday, she tells him it's fine since she has already made plans to see her Aunt Pearl from Toledo. He'll never know she doesn't have an Aunt Pearl from Toledo; he'll think she's priceless for having arranged her schedule to fit so well with his.

If she feels slighted or taken advantage of, she'll either blow her stack and walk out, leaving him scratching his head, or she'll stay and have difficulty putting her finger on what is boring hell out of her these days. Nothing is immune from her escapist tactics when she chooses to employ them.

If her lover showers her with gifts when she needs them, predicts her moods and changes, and gently prods her to tell him what she needs and wants, he will be successful. He needs the wisdom to recognize her duality; she may seem very much in love with him today, and tomorrow act as though living with him is a tremendous bother.

When she is in love, she looks as though she is on cloud nine. She moves faster than ever, due partly to her fear of losing her freedom. She may employ her great talent for writing and pen poems to her lover daily. While she's singing him a love song in bed, her mind is plotting ways to insure his permanence at her side. She is very vulnerable when she truly falls in love, and this can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how secure she has become within herself.

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