Taurus Personality

General Traits and Background

The Taurus Woman is sensual and seductive. Under a cool, calm, and intellectually aloof exterior, she possesses a whole arsenal of tools designed to attract her man and keep him. From the bedroom to the kitchen, she seems to hold in her genetic code total memory of things eternally female. Little wonder she is often called an Earth Goddess.

When she enters a room, everyone is aware that she is there. She is beautiful, radiant, and magnetic. Often she wears the finest clothes, jewelry, and perfume; always she displays herself with considerable aplomb.

In addition to her bodily attraction, she seduces with her rich, resonant voice; like the Lorelei, she captures and holds with her musical sound. Lady Taurus sends messages with her eyes that mesmerize and hold a man with promise of earthly delights beyond measure.

She moves with the grace of a dancer, for she loves her own body and cares for it well. Having control of herself, she is a master illusionist and will often create just the environment necessary to complete the fantasies of her loved ones.

Physical contact is important to the' Taurus Woman. She needs to be needed, touched, and fondled. She expresses much of her caring through sex, but she is never in a hurry. She expects the very best in love and sex and settles for nothing less.

She fancies her own environment and likes to entertain at home. Since she is a gourmet cook, her parties usually feature the best food, the finest accessories, and the most exciting people she can find, all coddled in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, Fixed Earth. The fixed part gives her obstinacy, persistence, tenacity, dependability, and sometimes a rather pompous, self-righteous air; while the earth imparts a solid, conservative, materialistic quality that produces a salt-of-the-earth woman, sensual and slightly bawdy.

Each sign of the Zodiac is said to be "ruled" by a planet and its vibrations. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus and all the qualities associated with her affect the life of the Taurus Woman. Luxury without guilt delights the Venusian nature.

The Taurus-type woman is one who has the sun or other important planets in Taurus, planets in the second house (the natural house of Taurus), a Taurus ascendant, a powerfully aspected Venus. Taurus types are also those who are temporarily going through a Taurus phase. In this case, the person need have no planets located in the sign of Taurus. The Taurus type is described by the checklist of traits at the beginning of this chapter. The Taurus phase has the following characteristics:

1. A desire to control the material resources of life in order to bring about security and leisure.

2. A need to possess and control, be it things or people.

3. Transformation through the release of material concerns; the regeneration of values.

4. Dogmatism based on selfish desires rather than rationality based on objective facts.

5. A deep love of nature that transcends the material and brings harmony with all living things (the meeting of Pan in The Wind in the Willows comes to mind).

The Taurus phase is also characterized by its duality. A dichotomy between the pursuit of material gain and the ideals of spiritual beauty often causes inner turmoil. Compulsive spending needs to be curbed lest the deeper spiritual values be sacrificed. A constant war between body and soul also exists, since the pleasures of sex and the good life often receive a disproportionate amount of energy. Balance and harmony between these two forces must exist for the Taurus Woman to be happy.

The Taurus Woman lives a simple yet complex life. However, unlike her Scorpio sister, who lives on many secret levels, the Taurus Woman is very up-front about her life and about who and what she enjoys. Simple pleasures appeal to her—good sex, good food, and good company, usually in that precise order.

Taurus is the constellation that governs money, Venus is the planet that rules love, and these two qualities may not be as unrelated as they first seem to be. Love is what we feel for the people and things we desire to have closest to us. Money enables the Taurus Woman to possess many things and travel to many of the places she holds dear. Love, however, can only be freely given, and this is sometimes a hard lesson for the Taurus Woman to learn.

Her concern for ownership colors the fabric of her life. Even the smallest item is catalogued and remembered. Woe to the person who discards one precious scrap of paper, an old letter, or an out-of-date magazine without first asking; the wrath of the bull will descend even when small possessions are threatened. One can imagine, then, the red fury when someone tries to take her man—her most precious possession.

A key word for her is resourceful. She has a knack for manipulating the world's resources for her own personal use. Her looks, her talents, and the things she owns are all resources that can assist her in achieving what she desires. The greatest challenge for the Taurus Woman is to get outside herself and beyond her possessions. The love of luxury and comfort begets selfish tendencies in her, and she then cannot understand the needs of others.

Romantic, Sentimental

Much has been said about the practical and materialistic side of the Taurus Woman, but few people are aware of the deep romanticism that runs in her veins. Send her a rose (which she dearly loves), and she will love you forever. From that single rose her rich imagination will fill vases with the most perfect bouquets. The romance factor cannot be underestimated. Lady Taurus would feel right at home in King Arthur's court. The thought of a knight on a white horse is enough to make any red-blooded Taurian consider throwing over friends, family, and job to follow him wherever he beckons (which she has been known to do).

If you have ever wondered who in the audience was crying softly during the wedding ceremony, chances are it was Taurus. She is very sentimental, and anything that evokes past memories or that is strikingly beautiful will cause the tears to flow. A visit to her attic is like a trip back into her life. I know one Taurus lady who has kept every letter she ever received, all tied up in neat packages tucked away in a trunk. A * word of advice to the Taurus Woman: excessive attachment to these sentimental memories is not in your best interests. One of your biggest challenges is to let go of many past memories and live completely in the present.


Early in her life, the Taurus Woman may be painfully self-conscious. Her body may seem to be awkward; the parts may not seem to fit together too well. I have always thought Cinderella was probably a Taurus. Sensitive to the taunting of her sisters, and unaware of the great potential she had, the poor creature was not aware of the transformation that would soon take place.

As time passes, her innate sense of self becomes stronger, and the Taurus Woman learns how to use it to her best advantage. Although she does not always have a good feel for her relationships with others, she has no question about her place in the universe. Since she has such an idealized concept of beauty, the Taurus Woman needs to accept herself as she is and not as she thinks she should be. Once this happens, she will be well on her way to becoming what she really is, a beautiful and aware person.


The Taurus Woman is never happier than when enhancing the beauty of life. Her home will be a harmonious blend of the traditional and the new. Since everything adds to the creation of the proper atmosphere for her love nest, she studies every detail.

She loves music and may play an instrument herself. Her rich, sensuous voice is one of her finest qualities, and she delights in using it. Drawing and painting also comes easily to her. Her fine sense of proportion, keen powers of observation, and subtle use of color make her well suited to the act of putting paint on a canvas and to the life of the artist. Her enjoyment in touching and feeling objects makes her a fine sculptor as well. Molding clay enhances her sense of power, and for the same reason she may take up pottery, which allows her to reconnect with clay—a product of the earth from which she comes and to which she is drawn.

Her greatest artistic achievement, however, is the art of fine living. Each action in her life is carefully drawn, and each possession carefully arranged.


The Taurus Woman is a creature of habit. Her breakfast menu, her morning rituals, even the route she takes to her job, seldom vary since they have proven to be effective and efficient. Being of the earth, the Taurus Woman is familiar with the cycles of life. She recognizes the ordered progression of the sun, the moon, and the planets as they form their patterns in the sky, and she relates this order to her own life. Cycles are measurements of change. Life does not progress without change, and change necessarily involves some crisis. The Greeks gave us the word crisis, which does not imply catastrophe but rather suggests a time to decide—a time for decision.

As aware as the Taurus Woman is of the necessity for change, she often digs in her heels and stubbornly refuses to acknowledge it. She procrastinates and waits until the time for decision is past and then allows familiar patterns and habits to dictate change for her. She must learn to make conscious decisions, or she will be at the mercy of the cycles she knows so well.

As an exercise in instituting change in her life, the Taurus Woman needs to break routine and try different things—a new route home, shopping at a different market, sleeping late and breakfasting in bed. She will find that breaks in routine bring welcome relief from the boredom of habit.

Self-righteous, Dogmatic

The Taurus Woman knows when she is right. Deep within her is a bell that seems to ring when she is. Imbued with a deep sense of order and the natural progression of events, she quickly translates this into the everyday fabric of life. You may question her about almost anything, and she will answer. But never question her source, for often even she does not know from whence her information came, and she seldom questions it.

Despite her shyness, her self-deprecation, and her poor self-image, she has a deep self-respect. Whatever the external realities, she is able to maintain the worth of her own self. There is a thin red line, however, between self-worth and self-righteousness. The line can become even thinner if the Taurus Woman becomes successful and secure. She is apt to forget her own hard-won batdes to build a secure and bright future, and she may chastise those who have not won the same battles because they are not like her. But even though her advice is a little pompous and self-righteous, her many friends still seek her out for it.

She tends to convert her opinions into dogma, and she may hold on to an old idea, even though she knows intellectually that it is no longer valid, simply because she cannot change.

Her emotions are closely tied to her beliefs. She can be especially dogmatic with friends and relatives whom she loves deeply. Often, since she loves them so much and wants the best for them, she assumes she knows what the best for them is. One of her hardest lessons is to realize that she cannot work out other people's karmas; they must assume responsibility for themselves.

Organizational, Managerial

Lady Taurus has some of the most well-organized cupboards, drawers, and closets in the Zodiac. She may not be as tidy, neat, and well dusted as her earth sister Virgo, but she must know where her possessions are. She even has filing cabinets for her bills, letters, and recipes.

Because of this never-ending need to set the world in order, she may be drawn to research, librarianship, city planning, writing. In fact, any activity where a great many diverse bits of information have to be organized into a workable and functioning system will appeal to the Taurus Woman.

She is also acutely aware of the passage of time. She has a time clock within her head that measures off the cycles of life and computes how much time should be allotted to different tasks. When she makes a commitment to be somewhere at a certain time, she is there. If she says she will have a task completed by a certain date, you can rely on her.

Her sense of time and love of organizational detail is often applied to the management of people as well. However, as soon as the human element enters the picture, the task becomes a little more difficult. People present too many variables to fit conveniently into the same slots as books, invoices, and recipes. Here she must bring into play her considerable political ability and her knowledge of people.

The Taurus Woman likes an ordered house and ordered life. Time, materials, and place are all important to her. She is never happier than when they all form a harmonious whole of which she is the center. But her strong will can bulldoze feelings out of the way in order to complete a task on time. She must be very careful not to overlook the feelings of friends and loved ones, and she should plan time and space for them as well.

Gentle, Placid, Shy

For the gentle touch, the gentle word, or the gentle action, the Taurus Woman cannot be surpassed. Like her symbol, the bull, she only rages when she is angry or is caught up in the passions of sex. By choice she is very placid. The two horns of her symbol represent the horns of a dilemma. She can either be completely at peace with the world, or she can express the violent rage that is within her when she is angered. There seems to be little, if any, middle ground. Many Taurus Women choose to suppress anger, for they learn early on that if they are constantly in a state of turmoil their health suffers. They are especially sensitive in the throat and shoulders, areas which continual stress and anger can weaken.

In many ways, the Taurus Woman is unflappable. She may just have returned from a round of shopping and Little League practice when her husband announces his boss is coming home with him for dinner. Her calm and stoic acceptance of this predicament is next to unbelievable. She knows that what will be will be, and besides, she has probably planned for just such an emergency and has a banquet prepared and frozen, just waiting.

Most of her life she will be shy around new people. This usually is the result of a poor self-image during childhood and of the pain inflicted on her by her early peers. New surroundings and new faces make her uncomfortable, for they present unknown quantities that must be confronted. Confrontation politics is not the Taurian style, and she avoids it like the plague. Any situation that produces unpleasantness is hard on her nervous system. Only when driven or pushed into a corner will she take a stand and fight for her own rights. She could avoid much unhappiness if she would learn to confront problems as they arise.

Self-indulgent, Lazy

Comfort and contentment are important to the Taurus Woman. Bathe her in perfumed water, wrap her in a soft fluffy blanket, give her a hot-fudge sundae and shower her with love and affection; she will be yours for life. And be assured that if you don't do it for her, she will do it for herself. There is no question in her mind that she deserves the very best.

In most instances she will be able to keep her self-indulgence in bounds, for when she cares to exercise it, few other signs possess the self-control that she has. Her biggest problem comes with food; here, the will that can literally move mountains, divide the seas, and stop thundering herds of horses dissolves into the ether. Most Taurians have a weight problem that they have to deal with their entire lives. The Taurus Woman's unwanted pounds and inches appear in the hips, which are naturally generous anyhow.

Food also represents security to the Taurus Woman, and this, coupled with her tremendous appetite and zest for eating, can add up to trouble. The eating scene in the movie The Realm of the Senses represents a typical Taurus phase. Here, the physical pleasure of eating was tied to the promise of sexual pleasure to come later. She truly believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach (since she knows her own so well). She is a superb artist in the kitchen. She never likes to see food wasted and your only disappointment at leaving her table will be your diminished will power.

By nature, the Taurus Woman takes her time. Never try to hurry her; she cannot be budged unless she wants to be. She sets her own priorities and takes her time executing them. She organizes her life so only she has the time to enjoy it. Leisure appeals to her, and she may feel just right frittering it away or stuffing it so full that it appears to be work. The choice is hers however and she delights in those kinds of choices. The closer she comes to her ideal of comfort and luxury, the lazier she becomes. She should continually seek new challenges in order to overcome this.


The Taurus Woman not only wants to have the use of a "thing"; she must possess it. Once she has clutched something to her ample bosom, she will simply not let go. Ownership is everything. She is apt to have four sets of pots and pans, eight sets of dishes, fifteen lace tablecloths, and all of her deceased mother-in-law's furniture.

She is just as possessive with her family and lovers. She has chosen them, and for that reason they are as much her chattel as are her clothes, jewelry, and furs. If she practices this to excess, she can become a very dominant wife and mother, leaving litde space for her loved ones' growth. Many children rebel very early when they feel her clutching them too tighdy. On the positive side, however, she attends to them with as much care and concern as she lavishes on the rest of her possessions.

Let no one try to steal her husband or lover. She sees red, and the raging anger so often associated with the bull is unleashed. She attacks frontally with no holds barred. All of the power and strength she can muster (and her power is considerable) will be brought direcdy to bear on her opponent. She can be a very angry lady.

Luxury- and Comfort-loving

Ruled by the voluptuous Venus, the Taurus Woman loves luxury. Even though it costs a litde more, she believes in going first-class. It may be a strain on her pocket-book, but it is ever so much more satisfying.

The Taurus Woman seems to have an innate sense of value and quality. She would rather have an oriental rug than a serviceable carpet. Why order from Sears when both Bloomingdale's and Neiman-Marcus have catalogue departments? She knows intrinsic value, and what may appear extravagant to some will be a good investment for the Taurus Woman. Her antiques and furnishings will appreciate in value; she will be able to sell her art in a financial pinch; and the jewelry she has acquired over the years may well provide the down payment on a new business.


The Taurus Woman does not have great expectations. She knows the ways of the world and the shortcomings of people too well to expect more than she can see and hold in her hand. She does not dream the mystical dreams of her Pisces sister or build the fantastic air castles of Aquarius; rather she constructs her own reality of mortar and bricks. But when something nice happens that she doesn't expect, or when someone makes good on a promise, she is one of the most appreciative people around.

In fact, her appreciation is almost childlike. If someone gives her a gift, she will cherish it forever. If someone is kind to her during hard times, she will remember it as long as she lives. It seems to come to her as a total surprise that she can be on the receiving end of things. Possibly her weak self-image makes it hard for her to believe that people would truly want to be nice to her.

Being of the earth and of Venus, Taurus has great appreciation for the physical world. She is a good judge of horseflesh and responds to the fine form of any man who is muscular, strong, and well-proportioned. Being receptive, she experiences as much as she can and retains most of what she sees, hears, feels, tastes, and touches; she enjoys all things of the senses. Her capacity for appreciation comes from her vast store of memories, experiences, and feelings about the world and its peoples.

The difficulty inherent in all this is that the Taurus Woman cannot balance enjoying and appreciating with doing. I would advise her to jump into new projects, to translate her ideas and stored appreciation into some concrete action. She needs to take risks to balance her retentive nature.


The Taurus Woman is like a finely tuned pipe organ. Her senses are its keys, and every key causes the music to flow. Each note is distinctive, and each key activates yet another octave. Only when all the notes are sounding does she feel harmonious and complete.

The Taurus Woman's senses are highly cultivated. She is like a Rubens nude: robust, sensual, lusty, with an ample appetite for living. She likes to feel the air on her skin and the warmth of the sun. And 1 have yet to meet a Taurus who didn't delight in the sensuality of a rich dessert.

As with many of her other traits, Taurus masks her sensuality with a veneer of conventionality. Often she learns during childhood that in our society, one should not enjoy the body or the feelings the body has. Yet she never quite believes this hypocrisy, and she goes on experiencing as much as she feels she safely can. It is only when she really trusts that she pulls out all the stops and exposes the extent of her sensual nature. Happy the man she trusts!

Cautious, Stubborn

The Taurus Woman is plagued by many fears. High on the list is the fear of making mistakes. She so wants to do the right thing that she sometimes falters in doing anything at all. I know one Taurus lady, a secretary, who read every letter she typed no fewer than four times. Though she produced perfect letters, they were oftentimes late in reaching their destinations.

Taurus rarely bets on anything that is unsure or variable. Knowing the natural progression of things often enables her to foresee their outcome. She does not like to gamble, preferring the long-term, steady profit of secure stocks to windfalls that may or may not materialize.

Her reticence concerning change is based upon the possibility of loss or pain. She would rather take her chances with known quantities than risk losing everything she has worked so hard to gather and build. The negative result is that she becomes even more stubborn and possessive than she normally is. It is difficult for her to fly free with such attitudes. She must learn that not every situation can be controlled or predicted. She is one of the great stabilizers of the earth, but if she doesn't respond positively to change, then stagnation, immobility, and decay may set in. She must consciously begin to take risks if she wishes to keep in step with the times.

Lady Taurus feels that time is on her side. She likes to have her own way and uses delaying tactics to get it. She will refuse to do anything that she feels is not in her best interests. Also, if something offends her sense of decency, honesty, or propriety, she will become stubborn and refuse to budge an inch. This quality can be a vice or a virtue. If she thinks she is right based on her judgment and experiences, she will not bend. She must constantly strive to be more flexible and to respond, not in terms of her perceptions, but in terms of situational reality.

Persistent, Tenacious

The pioneer woman exemplifies the persistence and doggedness of the Taurus Woman. The Taurus Woman finishes what she starts—even if it takes years. Be it business, a project, or a human relationship, she seldom tires of trying to make it work. She feels that if she works hard enough, lasts long enough, and does not give up, she will accomplish what she wants in the end.

She clings to a belief or an idea with the same fervor. Once she has made up her mind that her views are correct (and this may take some time as she tries to be fair and impartial in her deliberations), she holds on for dear life. Even if she later is proven wrong, she still has a conviction in the back of her mind that she was right, in some sense, all along.

Professionally, the Taurus Woman shows the same persistence, and she will work overtime without complaint in order to get the job done. She is reliable and generous with her time and will train the new recruit, get the coffee, plan the budget, and even organize the football or baseball pool. She knows that the small details are often as important as the overall concept.

She works hard to make friends, to win over in-laws, and to develop a camaraderie with co-workers. But everything changes, friendships as well, and not all are worthy of retention. Being stubborn, she will often refuse to give up on something that does not serve her own best interests. When she is able to see things as they are rather than as she wishes they were, she will learn to let go. She then only needs to release, as painful as it may be, and her life will change for the better.


The Taurus Woman is as possessive of others' affections as she is of the goods she owns. She does not want anyone to get too near to the things she loves, including her friends and family, for fear they might steal them or harm them in some way.

Her strong Venus nature encases her loved ones in a protective crystal shell. Trying to understand the Taurus Woman is like trying to understand the many facets of love itself. She protects and holds, lavishes affection and nurtures; yet she feels that she is the only one capable of doing so. Woe to anyone who tries to supplant her or trespass on the territories of her love.

In her less developed state, the Taurus Woman focuses this feeling on material objects and covets things that others have. She can be jealous of the wealth, success, or beauty of her peers. As she progresses in her development, she will learn that this is a negative emotion and adds litde to her self-esteem.

Conservative, Money-maker, Greedy

The Taurus Woman is a conservator from childhood. Recognizing that the earth's resources are precious, she wants to use them wisely. She will never throw something away if she feels there may be a use for it in the future.

She may involve herself in organizing a local recycling movement, a preserve for wildlife, or a stop-the-expansion-of-industry/clean-up-the-air program. In her personal garden, nothing will be cast away. Old leaves and plant stalks will become mulch for new growth; her sunflower seeds will be carefully processed for planting next year.

Her tastes in clothing and accessories will lean to the conservative. She abhors flashiness and has a keen eye for subde quality. While she herself is virtually indomitable, she doesn't want to appear that way outwardly. This is another of the masks that prevent anyone from thinking she is too far-out or avant-garde. The respect and acceptance of the people she encounters is very important to her, and she will do little to jeopardize her position.

Saving money is second nature to the Taurus Woman. Her conservative nature requires a little nest egg hidden away for emergencies. Her moneymaking activities may including mining, manufacturing, growing food or flowers, and selling real estate, all of which reflect her knowledge of the earth's resources and what they can provide people.

Her talent for making money seems endless. She considers nothing too menial or "low-class" if the bottom line means profit for her. She sees possibilities when those around her see desperation. She may begin on a very small scale; canning jams and jellies at home can make her a rival of the Knotts Berry Farm if she is determined and if the profits are forthcoming.

When the impulsive Taurus need for security and self-respect goes unchecked, greed may be the result. Success becomes directly associated with material wealth in her mind, and without the balance of a developed spiritual nature, she runs out of control, grabbing at each penny she sees. Her natural, caring concern for people then takes a back seat, and she begins to enjoy life less.

She also feels that money gives her power over her own life, she derives from it a sense of release from responsibility and a feeling of freedom and mobility. At the same time, she can be quite generous, giving pieces of her hoarded treasure in order to secure love, attention, and loyalty from those close to her. The gifts are seldom without strings, however, and Taurus needs to cultivate a truer sense of giving until the act feels natural and expresses genuine love.


The need to be touched and loved is very strong in the Taurus Woman. She uses the sense of touch to convey her feelings to others. Deny her affection, and she becomes like a plant without water. As a child she vies for the affections of both parents and often feels siblings are getting more than their share. She can sustain herself for great lengths of time without sexual contact, but her natural glow fades if affection is withdrawn.

Honest, Dependable

You can trust a Taurus Woman with your money, your secrets, your life, and generally even with your man. She truly believes that honesty is the best policy. In her evolved state, she is extremely honest about herself as well and will be the first to admit her faults (but don't you bring them up).

She dislikes contracts and written agreements but her word is sacred to her and she always fulfills her promises. No commitment is too small for her to remember, but she outwardly overlooks commitments made to her if confrontation is required to effect fulfillment.

The Taurus Woman is a godsend in an emergency, in times of tragedy, and during periods of deep stress. She can coolly make decisions for others, and her feeling for the cycles of life, for the natural occurrence of birth, growth, and death, make her invaluable to those less capable of seeing the broad picture. You know you can count on her, and better yet, she knows it too.

Pragmatic, Methodical, Builder

Will it work? This is the question the Taurus Woman most often asks. She is careful in her considerations and thus can be sure in her judgments. Once she has made plans, she carries them out methodically, almost to a fault. Like a master mason, she first lays the foundation well; then, brick by brick, she builds towards reality. However, she must guard against becoming enslaved by her methods, since this can cause delays in reaching her goals.

Taurus loves to conceptualize, pattern, seek materials carefully, and build slowly. Architecture, renovation, rehabbing, decorating, designing, and inventing appeal to her and can be lucrative career possibilities and her persistence and confidence in matters affecting her environment often have good results for all of us.

Kind, Humble

The Taurus Woman embodies true humility. She takes action and does for others out of kindness. The spotlight does not appeal to her, but when she is remembered she graciously accepts. Although it is difficult for her to accept praise, she needs to concentrate on dealing with it when it does come her way. Too often she competes with herself to do the best possible job and then forgets to bolster her own self-esteem by seeking recognition. She rises in the business world not by openly competing with others but by her staying power and integrity.

She goes out of her way to insure that she will not trample on the feelings of others. She opens her arms to stray animals, and stray people. As she evolves, her "stringless" gift giving is legendary.

Productive, Patient, Tolerant

The "author" of the Puritan ethic could very well have been a Taurian. Taurus does not rest completely until she has acquired or produced something of worth. As one of the most energetic signs, she usually has a variety of projects going at the same time. Each receives equal, devoted care, although too often, her excess energies are used to begin yet another project when she could better apply them to finishing what she has begun.

Her patience is legendary, and few things can cause her to lose sight of it. She expends vast amounts of energy explaining procedure and theory over and over again. She makes a good teacher when she overcomes her sometimes moralistic nature.

She is tolerant of others' flaws, though not of her own. I have seen Taurus Women abide husbands addicted to alcohol and drugs without passing judgment. This high telerance for people carries over into her philosophy too. Lifestyles, ideas, and politics that are unacceptable to many cause her little problem. She is open and is one of the best listeners you can find. Do not, however, misconstrue her understanding nature as a sign that she is ready to impulsively join in; her conservative streak is strongly rooted.

Na ture-loving

The Taurus Woman relates to and loves nature, both as a broad concept and as a specific experience. She will try to learn the name of every plant and animal within her purview. She loves to involve herself physically with a natural habitat, and she will look everywhere for the perfect naturally woven basket to carry when she picks flowers in her garden, and true to her nature, she will hold on to it dearly.

Gardening is an avocation that most Taurus Women pursue in one way or another. If she lives in a concrete-and-glass high-rise with a tiny balcony overlooking Central

Park, Taurus will endeavor to grow cherry tomatos and an herb garden on it. If she has a vast expanse of rich soil at her disposal, she will supply half her friends and all her relatives with the freshest, plumpest vegetables in the county. She plants, nurtures, and harvests according to her deep-seated sense of cycles.

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