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The Gemini Woman is the Zodiac's natural communicator. She loves movies, television, stereo, computers, libraries—anything that facilitates a constant exchange of information. When news is happening, she wants to be as close to it as possible. If she took time to check her facts, she could be an excellent reporter.

The telephone is like an extension of the Gemini Woman's personality. She will have an extension in each room, with one in the garage and basement for good measure. She is ambidextrous and may be performing several tasks in the kitchen while talking to a friend. Because of her quick, perceptive mind and her desire to get to the next point, she often interrupts the person to whom she is speaking.

The Gemini Woman invented free association and blank verse. Her free-flowing conversation drives Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn wild. She often doesn't even finish one sentence before taking off on another thought. When she soars into the wild blue yonder, she will not remember where she started or where she has been—but wasn't the trip fun? She never looks back, always ahead. Had Lot's wife been a Gemini, she would never have been turned into a pillar of salt.

She makes an excellent audience, but don't be fooled. She listens carefully only so she can interrupt and get her four cents' worth into the conversation. She is a compulsive talker and has an opinion on everything; she rubs the Blarney stone daily just in case the truth needs a little elaboration to make it interesting.

The Gemini Woman is very selective about the information she divulges. Her computerlike mind analyzes and screens all data, releasing just enough to give a story the particular slant she wants. She makes a good propagandist; part of the truth is all she cares to handle. Her ability to deal in half-truths and truths that are slightly stretched gives her a reputation for being somewhat tricky. If she is questioned directly and pointedly, she will tell the truth. Thus, you must be very direct when dealing with Lady Gemini.

Words are her chief medium; she has an outstanding talent for self-expression. She also has an artistic flair and can express herself in interior decoration, by painting, and with the voice.

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