Summing Up

The Capricorn Woman is usually practical and romantic, an erotic realist. She can raise her man to the top, but she can also nag him jealously. She gives as good as she gets and is willing to pay the price for what she wants. She can be an angel of a partner, but she becomes aloof and hard to reach if she feels insecure or scared.

She wants security, order, and status, yet she is often subconsciously magnetized by glamour and fame. She is usually attracted to older men, perhaps because of an early bond with Daddy, perhaps because older men are able to give her more of what she wants.

She can be trapped by fears or by her own subconscious need to be more outgoing, stylish, and glamorous than she naturally feels. She can thus select a man or a number of men who are dashing but in the long run not beneficial to her. An awareness of her changing needs and priorities, of her whole self, and the ability to flow, are keys to forming good, long-lasting relationships.

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