Summing Up Taurus

Much of the Taurus Woman's energy is used in gaining control. She feels that material wealth will provide her with security and happiness in turn. More than any other sign, Taurus carries unhealthy tendencies towards gross materialism. She also tries to exercise too much control over those around her, not so much for the power this brings, but more for the sake of their best interests. She must learn that everyone has to develop a sense of their own best interests and learn to fulfill them unaided.

Her strict self-control can make her quite introspective. Her deep-seated feeling of inadequacy drives her to seek approval from those around her. When it pays off, she should accept it and enjoy it. The evolved Taurus Woman will seek a balance between giving and receiving.

The Taurus Woman is sharply focused on life's basics. She believes a comfortable home and a family are as important as a career. As she develops, she will learn that combining the two successfully can enhance her feelings of security. However, her many virtues and positive attitudes can be sublimated if she becomes too greedy for the material things she loves. Being too possessive can antagonize those she works so hard to comfort. Her natural giving nature is to be admired, and she should develop a sense of pride about it.

The Taurus Woman's determination to live without making mistakes often sets her up for failure, which in turn reinforces her fears of inadequacy. She is tolerant of others but judges herself too severely. She needs to release herself from the false encumbrances of self-doubt and regenerate her values. Her great love of nature and knowledge of the cosmos will aid her. As she grows, her expansive view of life and of the order of things will teach her that there is more to living than possessing.

Freed from the burden of too many possessions and the responsibility they bring, Taurus will be able to flow with the changes she encounters. Her innermost being will soar, and her generous nature will emerge to succor coming generations. The Earth Goddess will be reborn.

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