Summing Up Pisces

The Pisces Woman's challenge is to find positive channels for her psychic, artistic, and therapeutic powers. Many Pisceans heal by laying on of hands. Other foretell the future, paint, write poetry, or act. They can be champions of the truth and defenders of the poor and helpless.

Pisces is directed by her subconscious, her dreams. She is a vast ocean of psychic and spiritual powers. However, she must remember that she is mortal. She has a limited span on earth, at least in this physical body. Time can run short, and much needs to be accomplished. In order to discover the real meaning of physical and mental health, she must pierce the fog of her own visions, explore her repressed feelings, confront the outside world, and communicate with those around her.

She must seek out those who will embrace the talents she has—be they artistic, therapeutic, or paranormal. The energy of her group support system will prevent Pisces from slipping off into the ethers of her dreams or fears.

On the other hand, she cannot depend on others to do her work for her. She must consistently reassess, turn her self-absorption into a more detached self-investigation. Then she will recognize and affirm her own strengths while detecting her weaknesses and transforming them into strengths as well.

The Age of Pisces is about to end. The last twenty-five hundred years have been symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions: possessive materialism and unselfish love. The message of the next age is precisely the positive side of Pisces: the filtration and elimination of negativity and the transcendence of selfish individualism.

The Pisces Woman is, in her own way, a pioneer. It is essential that she transmit what she feels, knows, experiences, and envisions. She must build bridges, and she must act. If the Pisces Woman can share her inner visions and exteriorize the love she feels and symbolizes, if she can keep positive, focused, and active, she will be a key figure ushering in the Age of Aquarius, the age of the future.

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