Subtle Manipulative

The Cancer Woman spins her web subtly but dramatically. Nothing is too mundane to spark her imaginadon, and nobody is too insignificant to attract her notice. She is not the sort who turns around to stare at people, but she appraises them thoroughly out of the corner of her eye.

She is knowledgeable about the art of living because she herself is an artist. She tends to be a participant, rarely an outside observer. She is not usually the flamboyant center of attention, but she may be the only one who knows what is happening behind the scenes. She reads subde clues with her intuitive eyes and sends them out herself.

Because she is a water sign, the Cancer Woman is almost never a direct, head-on announcer of anything. She is more comfortable acting indirecdy, happier seeding minds through the power of suggestion than brashly hitting people over the head with her brilliance. If she wants something from an intimate, she will probably find it difficult to express her needs directly. She often has trouble asking for what she wants, and she may procrastinate so long that she misses the boat. She is often guilty, too, of the glass-head syndrome, believing that anyone who loves her should automatically know what she desires.

The Cancer Woman often falls in the trap of manipulating people, sometimes without consciously meaning to do so. She simply finds it temperamentally difficult to speak directly about topics that make her uncomfortable. She is uneasy with disagreement and overt conflict, with expressions of disappointment and hurt, with aggression and intimidation. She fears ridicule, and like a crab, she tends to withdraw into her shell in order to avoid it. Because she has a guarded, partially hidden nature, it is almost impossible for others to know what she is feeling. She can make people who love her feel like innocent but unwanted and ignorant bystanders. The clues she telegraphs are subtle, and she probably prefers it that way. She adores mystery, and she uses it to keep the upper hand. Loud, boisterous behavior and overt aggression are not her style. She feels she will always achieve more by being her naturally introverted self.

She may operate successfully by subtly manipulating those around her. However, in her primary relationship, she is likely to pay a heavy price in the long run. Mates who are consistentiy outmaneuvered or manipulated tend to end up resenting the invisible strings that Cancer so skillfully fingers. No partner likes to be set up to take the responsibility or blame for situations that are encountered by them as a couple, yet that is precisely what Cancer tends to do to her mate.

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